A Drink with Dora

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I ran into Dora, my big sister coming out of a downtown supermarket. I hadn’t seen her in more than a year. Dora was thirty — six years my senior. She had my mom’s smooth, dark, chocolate complexion as opposed to my light tan, the colour of our father, but anyone looking carefully at our faces would know right away we were brother and sister, with her having only a smaller version of my mouth. The eyes, nose cheekbones, chin was a feminine version of the same cut. Again, like mom she was only five feet five, while I had my dad’s height of five eleven.

My eyes quickly took in the pleasant sight of her slim-thick shapely body dressed in a lilac, tailored work suit that hugged her closely, enhancing her curves. Below the flat tummy was a noticeable bump of crotch visible because of how the light fabric was cut to pull against her thighs and lower belly. It was further helped by pull from the high fluffy ass that I knew was behind her. She was wearing subdued-red lipstick and eyeshadow that matched the work uniform scarf around her neck, and the neat mid-height afro coil hairdo looked good on her. Her big firm boobs stuck out daringly from her chest.

“Oh my god, Denny, I’m so happy to see you … how long has it been, a year?” she cried out.

“A little over a year, and I’m happy to see you too Dora … you look fantastic,” I said looking her over admiringly.

“Thanks … you look awesome too … like you’ve been doing a lot of work in the gym,” she said, stepping forward as she lowered her bags to the pavement.

She grabbed me and hugged me unreservedly and unconcernedly tight, smashing her big breasts hard against my chest and her soft belly and slim-thick thighs against mine. She rocked me hard moving from side to side. I had no choice but to let my arms go around her with similar eagerness. I enjoyed the soft feel of her body in a way that was nicely stimulating without encouraging inappropriate thoughts. I had always admired her natural beauty and imposing femininity.

“This calls for a drink or something … I hope you have time to spare,” she said, after releasing me.

Without waiting for or seeming interested in my reply she started walking off after handing me two of her many bags of supermarket stuff.

“Come, my car is right over there,” she said.

She knew I hadn’t a car. She led me to a sparkling white Prado SUV. She was in a high paying government job, so the vehicle was no surprise. She had gotten divorced two years ago after only three years of marriage. After the divorce she had moved into a one bedroom but posh apartment in a pricey gated community just outside of town. She had declined our father’s offer to come back to our family home which still had her vacant room. She and mom weren’t the best of pals and quarreled regularly since Dora was in her teens. Mom was very conservative and a bible person. Dora, on the other hand, was far from conservative and was rebellious and habitually cheeky.

When we were seated and she was about to start the car she suddenly brought her hand to her mouth.

“Oh my god, I’m so selfish, you were going to get something from the supermarket?”

“Nothing that can’t wait … and tomorrow is Saturday, I can come back into town,” I said.

“Fine,” she said, and pulled off briskly into the afternoon traffic.

I liked the confident and clever way she maneuvered the big vehicle in the tight traffic. After about three minutes she gave me a quick glance.

“But wheh we going to have dis drink tho?” she said, uncharacteristically breaking into local dialect.

She added, laughing, “I’m not too familiar with bars, yuh know.”

I started to speak but she cut in.

“You know what, let’s go to my place. I have lots of stuff there that I keep for when friends drop in — which is not often. And … I take a little sip now and then … I hardly go out these days. I will also knock up something for us to eat, you must be hungry after working all day.”

“Sounds good,” I said, truly liking that idea better.

I’d been to her place once before, shortly after she’d moved in, and was deeply impressed. It was very comfortable and nicely decorated, and I knew she had a knockout music system and huge flat screen TV. The apartment, though only having one bedroom took up half of the bottom floor of the sprawling three-storey building. Every room was spacious.

As soon as we entered the apartment and Dora had put down her bags she mixed me a drink that tasted mostly of vodka and put on a mixed 1980s R I’d already left my shoe at the door.

The living room had two seating sections, one in front of the sixty inch TV that had a sectional sofa along with an out of place looking recliner chair facing the TV. The other section, away from that area, featured a round sofa and a couple of like-coloured bucket chairs opposite it with a low glass table in between. I sat down at one end of the round sofa which looked like the most comfortable and immediately felt I’d made the right choice; betist giriş it was truly comforting. I sank into the softness and let the music and drink take my head.

Twenty minutes later Dora entered, looking and smelling sweet with a large tray in her hands that had vodka, rum and whisky, a couple of chasers and a small ice bucket. She was wearing bright yellow shorts made from a spandex and polyester mix which hugged her body so intimately it could have been charged for indecent fondling. Above the shorts was a matching tube top that stopped just under her big boobs, leaving a wide expanse of tight, smooth and shiny flesh for viewer pleasure. Her nipples stuck out unashamedly. I couldn’t help wondering who the lucky bastard was hitting it. She pointed her chin to my glass.

“That was just an introductory drink, you can make your choice. There is also ale and beer in the fridge if you prefer any of them,” she informed me

Ale was my favourite beverage back then.

“OK, tell you what, that was your introductory drink, now I’ll have mine, a cold ale, and then I’ll make a decision what to continue with,” I said, chuckling.

For some reason she found that hilarious and started a hearty laughing which made her ample boobs shake up seductively and again I wondered who was the lucky bastard that got to grab hold of those lovelies. As she bounced away still laughing, to get the ale, I couldn’t help admiring the see-sawing fluffy ass with yellow fabric slightly stuck into the crack.

When she returned she sat at the other end of the chair, facing me. She informed me that she had decided against cooking because that would interfere with our chat time; she had ordered food from a restaurant. Dora fixed herself what I presumed was a similar vodka mix to what she had introduced me to and sat back in the chair, drawing both legs up and sitting in a semi-lotus pose, meaning, the legs weren’t completely crossed so if I looked down there I would get a good glimpse of snugly covered crotch. I controlled myself and kept my eyes from looking down there, but consoled my curiosity with the promise that the moment she looked away or raised the glass to her head I was gonna take a peek. As we chatted, I sat patiently waiting for that moment.

Two minutes later she turned to look at a clock on the wall and my eyes opened wide at the tempting, fat mound staring back at me. I quickly lifted the ale bottle to my head and swallowed all that was in it.

“Want another one?” I heard her ask as I was putting the bottle on the table.

“No … I’m going to go with your introduction,” I said, wanting to have her move some so I could view the plump delight from different angles and closer up.

She slid forward and began fixing her concoction. Needless to mention, I kept my eyes wickedly and unbrotherly glued to that yellow crotch as she fixed the drink and then slid back into her original position. Fifteen minutes later the food arrived, by which time we were both slightly tipsy and I’d gotten three or four more enjoyable glimpses. It just felt satisfying looking at her plump pussy.

We finished the food and continued our chatting and laughing, truly enjoying each other’s company and when instead of the semi-lotus pose Dora left one foot on the floor and lifted up the other leg, leaning it against the back of the chair I almost choked. I was in voyeur heaven and I sat back and enjoyed the celestial treat my sister was providing. My mind up until then was not really interested in anything but some wicked, fat-eye fun, but my cock was following the instructions of a different head and began gradually rising until it was fully hard in my jeans.

We soon drifted into dancing, both slow as well as some reggae and soca prancing about; two siblings enjoying each other’s company and getting drunk. During the slow dancing I had to be constantly summoning will power to keep my cock at a distance, but because we were both now more than tipsy It wasn’t working out on unsteady legs, so I just gave up and let my hard wood press into the soft belly as my thigh took up residence between hers feeling the heat and tender lump as we swayed to the music. She didn’t seem to notice my hardon and I thought it only fitting to pay it no mind either.

Once, after a lot of jumping about to some soca music I sat down and she laughingly plumped herself down in my lap, flush on the hard cock, and my hand fell over her shoulder onto a soft breast which I ever so gently clasped my fingers around. Neither of us showed any awareness of the situation, and I heard her slurring, say.

“Yuh could bunk here tonight if yuh want.”

Giggling, I said, “Yeah, I already check out de couch it look comfortable enough.”

“Good … I’ll just have to get you a pillow and a blanket to cover with.”

Because the rooms had air conditioners, all the windows were secured so there was no chance of being bait for mosquitoes.

Ten minutes later she released me after a slow dance and said she betist yeni giriş was going to change into her sleeping clothes and bring me the blanket and pillow.

“I need to take a bath,” I said.

“Go right ahead,” she replied, and walked away on unsteady legs.

I took my bath and only put on my boxers and T shirt. My briefs, jeans and shirt I folded and left in the bathroom.

When I entered the living room I noticed she was absent. A couple of minutes later Dora came into the living room dressed in a short, sheer, pale-blue chemise under which were darker blue panties. She stopped short in the middle of the room a few yards away from me. There was no blanket or pillow in her hands. I stared at the alluring figure and felt my cock begin to rise rapidly. I let my eyes unashamedly survey her ripe body and she also looked me over, glancing momentarily at my tented shorts before returning her eyes to mine, searching their depths for a sign, just as mine were doing to hers.

She took a few steps forward, her eyes still searching my face. I got up and also stepped forward, led by my uncontrollable dick as I looked repeatedly from prominent nipples to crotch. Her face bore a slightly worried look and she swallowed.

“Geez Denny, this is so weird … I’m having these really weird feelings … something strange is happening inside of me,” she said.

“Me too Dora … I feel it too.”

“I … I don’t know what’s happening,” she said, twirling her fingers together nervously.

“Me neither … but I know it feels good.”

“Yes, it does,” she said softly, in a defeated sounding voice.

We continued to search each other’s eyes silently while shifting glances momentarily to body — mine surveying her jutting breasts with their prominent nipples and the outline of her crotch through the thin nightie — hers travelling down from my eyes across chest and belly to the tented boxers and up again seeking reassurance in my eyes as I did in hers.

“I … was thinking … you don’t have to sleep on the couch … you could share my bed,” she said as if with an effort.

“Thanks,” I replied, and quickly stepped forward, placing a hand on her shoulder.

I dropped the hand to her lower back and circled her waist, then bending over, I placed the other arm under her knees and swept her off her feet. She threw her arm around my neck as she let out a loud sigh of surrender. I walked with her toward the bedroom.

Inside the room I lowered her to the bed and standing beside it, got out of my T shirt then my boxers, letting my hard cock spring free, seemingly reaching for the roof. She looked at it and closed her eyes, biting into her bottom lip and as if moving on its own bidding her legs drifted apart, making a wide and inviting V. I stepped closer and leaning over ran my hands up her smooth, slim-thick brown thighs all the way past her hips till my fingers found the waistline of her panties. I gently pulled them down and she lifted her ass to help me get them off.

I threw the panties to the floor then grasping the hem of the nightie in two places, walked forward, dragging it upward across her body, over belly, breasts and chest. She stretched out her slender arms behind her head and I dragged the nightie over her face, head and arms. She turned onto her side and reaching with one hand while moving her head forward she took my hard cock into her little mouth, spreading aside the plump, pretty lips. She released her hold on my cock and I moved my hips, making slow short thrusts. She clamped her lips around the cock gently, to give it a closer fit as I jabbed toward her tonsils.

I lowered a hand and stroked her smooth, bald pussy mound tenderly. She responded with slow rolling hips and my fingers were soon all wet with her flowing juices. I let two fingers slip into the soft crack and she worked her hips under their gentle penetration as I quick jabbed her mouth and she gagged and spluttered but refused to let go of her brother’s probing cock.

Turning my body around without dislodging my cock I got onto the bed, straddling her as we assumed the sixty-nine position. She released my cock and began eagerly licking my balls. She took one of my testicles into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it before commencing to pull and suck on it causing a sweet pain. Meanwhile my mouth was opened wide and clamped around her vulva, sucking and probing with a hungry tongue.

She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked on it ravenously. My mouth moved to her clit and I licked and sucked on it driving her wild with pleasure. We continued sucking each other’s inflamed genitals for a long time until with a loud but cock-muffled wail she began to shudder, her hips lifting my face with hard upward thrusts. She tried to get away from the sweet torment of my mouth but I brought both hands around to grab her ass cheeks tightly and she had no option but to endure and enjoy the sweetly unbearable pleasure.

When she was done cumming I turned betist güvenilirmi around and positioned myself between her damp soft thighs, my cock searching madly for entrance into her plump sex mound. I placed my hands under her armpits and gripped her shoulders as I arched my back for action. Her hands spread her ready lips and guided the shaft pass them to the little pulsing hole. I pushed forward and felt the sweetness of hard cock sliding into soft woman privacy. I felt like shouting for joy as I went further and further into my big sister’s pussy until I was buried to the hilt. I began to pump the willing pussy with quick, long and deep strokes, drawing loud, gasping cries from out her mouth.

She bent her knees and drew them back, opening up herself to my pounding member. She closed her eyes, turned her head sideways and grimaced hard with gritted teeth as my cock went back and forth inside her, my lower belly meeting hers with loud smacking sounds.

She moaned and groaned under me as she shook her head from side to side wildly, while tightly gripping the sheet with wide spread hands. I arched deeply and took a bouncing breast into my mouth. Curtailing its movement as I sucked on a hard nipple. I bit into it a little forcefully and she cried out, but instead of pulling away, grabbed the back of my head and pressed it down hard, so I gave another little bite and she howled but held my head tight in place. I released the breast and moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment. She lowered her legs and planting the bottom of her feet flat on the mattress began to buck wildly, urging me on. I responded in the manner I suspected she wanted, moving quickly with long, hard, deep strokes that soon took both of us to a climax. Our bodies rocked and jerked and trembled together, sliding in each other’s sweat.

We lay side by side breathing hard and gripping hands tightly. She rolled onto her side and threw an arm and a leg across my body and I threw an arm around her as we hugged each other tightly in silence. When I heard her softly snoring I waited for another ten minutes or so before disentangling our bodies. I got up and went to the bathroom where I showered away the sweat and dried, sticky love juices. I then fixed myself a drink and after quickly finishing it went back to the bed. She had turned to the other side, still on her side, with legs slightly drawn up. I threw my arm around her and spooned the soft body, my half-erect cock pressing into the lower portion of her ass crack.

I awakened to the feel of something chewing on my firm aching cock. I was briefly startled, but quickly became fully aware of the situation as details from the far gone night began floating around in my head and my sleep fogged eyes took in Dora’s slightly bobbing afro coil hair disheveled and matted in places. I lay still as Dora sucked on my pleased cock while she rubbed her big, firm breasts back and forth, round and round in my groin area. The room was in a semi dark state, dawn having just broken. She discontinued the sucking and chewing and pressing the stiff member back along my belly, licked my balls and the under belly of my cock from base to tip. She straddled me and holding the cock high and straight, placed it against her entrance and sat down hard.

“Oh mih gawd, Denny, yuh cock feel so good in mih, I could get addicted to dis.”

“Please do,” I said, laughing.

“Good,” she said in a pleased but serious manner as if finalizing an important deal.

She leaned forward, gripped my sides with her rounded, slim legs and the insides of her knees and began to ride, moving backward and forward, sending me up and down in her snug pussy. I reached out and took hold of both swinging bubbies and kneaded them tenderly. I matched her movements with quick upper thrusts of my own. I removed my hands from the luscious breasts and sunk my fingers into the flesh of her moving hips and butt sides, squeezing hard without impeding her rapid ride.

I let one hand drop away from her hip and reached for her pussy, gripping onto the clit and rubbing it eagerly as she rolled her hips and ass round and round with my cock buried to the base in her, some of my hairs trapped between thick pussy lips. She suddenly stopped moving and leaned backwards, her hands on my knees while I continued to rub the inflamed clit as I pumped upward slowly.

She let out a deep growl and began to move with quick, short spasmodic thrusts and soon she was trembling wildly and snorting like a teased, tied up animal as her body released its burning, sweet energy. She collapsed forward and bit into the flesh at the base of my neck, sucking and chewing hard on it.

I pushed her relaxed body gently off of mine and onto her back. She pulled back her knees as I positioned myself between her legs and I entered her easily without help from either of our hands. As I sunk into her she lowered her legs and keeping them flat, and straight, stretched them wide while at the same time also stretching both her hands as wide and straight as she could, just managing to grip the sides of the queen-sized bed, leaving herself well and truly spread-eagled. She was looking up into my face with a satisfied smile on her little plump lips and a fiery and challenging glint in her black eyes.

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