A Delicious Tease

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[Note: This is a follow up to my previous story entitled: A Real Estate Attraction. After talking with the main character (did I mention it was a blend of fiction and non-fiction?)- she thought it was a bit too porn-esk. So, I offer the following to the fantasy woman I call Joan.]


Okay- so the theory only worked partially.

With the intense memory of the encounter in the model house cemented squarely in our minds, we teased and cajoled our way through our relationship. It was like the pink elephant at the party- everyone knows it’s there, but nobody is willing to talk about it.

We also knew the attraction can only be held at bay as long as both parties were willing to keep it that way- sort of like magnets with the same poles. The mutual attraction was just a turnover of one of the magnets away.

And so my mind started to do what it does naturally- think of ways to entice Joan- I can just let my mind go where I know in reality it can’t. So as I saw it, the challenge was how could I create the intense, raw, passion (and have her actually feel it) without actually being physical? Is it even possible using just my voice and written word (via this forum and email)? I just had to find out because knowing I can somehow give her the ultimate pleasure was driving me nuts. And so this was my challenge- my quest.

I decided to invite her somewhere outside of our collective location (everyone knows her) for lunch- more for an apology than anything else.

…alright, so being near her was THE other reason..

I called her, and left a message- when she called back, I convinced her that I needed to see her. At first she was a bit skeptical, but then, reluctantly agreed.

And so the location, date, and time was set.

Driving almost 30 minutes away was nice because escort izmit it allowed my mind to go blank and yet think about what I was to say. Here’s this woman who’s amazing in every way, that I made uncomfortable with a hard-core fictionalized representation of our relationship…

What do I say?

Should I have not even made the lunch date?

Why was she willing to meet with me when she can easily tell me to go “pound salt”?

I arrived at the restaurant early (not normal for me) and awaited for her in the parking lot. I realized that just to see her was enough and to make her know and see my resolve to keep this at arms length.

I think I finally got my thoughts in check about the whole blinding lust for her…

She arrived about 10 minutes later than me, and looked amazing (as was my memory for each and every time I saw her). I made sure she did not feel alone and ensured we arrived at the front door of the restaurant together.

I reached to open the door for her without her noticing me until the last second.

“Hey!” she smiled as she let me open the door.

“Hey back delicious woman!” I teased.

“Oh do go on!” she said partially blushing- (I LOVE to make her blush- amazingly sexy)

We were led to a table in the corner of the restaurant and sat down.

“So what is so important we have to meet so far away? and in a public place- you’d think we’re breaking up or something!” she kidded.

“Very funny- so this is how it’s going to be?” I chuckled back.

“Is everything okay sweetie?” she asked leaning in.

“Everything is fine” I assured her.

“I asked you here to tell you…”

“Yes?- out with it man!” she taunted.

“Probably something you already know- ad nauseum” I said, almost underneath my breath.

“What?” izmit darıca escort she asked.

“As much as you want, as much as I want to as well, you cannot take me to bed” I said straight into her eyes.

She laughed- okay, we both laughed- her because of the absurdity, me, because of my nervousness.

“You’re right- I did know that” she chortled, calming down.

I leaned in- she looked into my eyes.

“My ultimate fantasy is to make love with you till you pass out with utter and complete pleasure” I said with utmost sincerity.

She took a gulp of water.

“I think I could with you too” she said, almost too easily, blushing again.

“But we can’t” I rushed in to say.

“Tragic isn’t it?” she murmured.

“Excuse me?” (I really couldn’t hear)

“I said I thought it was tragic- we are both attracted to each other and would probably have amazingly intense times but..” she trailed off, obviously deep in thought.

“What?” I prodded.

“It would be disastrous” she looked up at me.

“How so?” I wanted to know- after all I was the one writing all the stuff.

(I had challenged her to write something from her point of view, but she was not interested and I think the concept of exchanging erotic stories with each other was a bit much for her)

“This might be exciting, but the thrill would go away the second you see me without makeup- you know that” she said, partially teasing, but giving away to a bit of the facade that all women have.

“Sorry, but I’m not buying it” I said confidently.

“Oh and why not?” she asked.

“Because first of all, I’ve seen you without makeup, and two- well to be perfectly honest, most if not all of the makeup you’d have on, would come off after an intense love-making izmit rus escort session anyway” (I was proud of my logic)

“You’re so cute- you know that?” she said staring into my eyes.

“I would love for the opportunity to show you” I responded quickly and earnestly.

“..and I would love for you to” she sipped her wine.

“Okay- enough of this, or I won’t be able to leave” I teased.

“Are you having problems?” she grinned.

“As a matter of fact I am- now can we change the subject- PLEASE?” I half-heartedly pleaded.

“Oh, alright” she conceded.

And we talked for what seemed like ages, about everything in our lives. I am amazed how multi-dimensional she is. Each time I have a chance to really talk with her, it’s like the cherry on the sunday. Forget about the erotic longings I have for her (okay, I’ll try), she is an excellent and just overall cool person to know and certainly someone with whom it is a distinct pleasure to hang.

We concluded our lunch and while walking out to our cars, became aware of an awkward silence not experienced between each other- sort of like the end of things, and yet the beginning at the same time.


I walked her to her car, and while opening her door, helped her in.

She started her car and rolled down the window. A waft of cool air and her perfume met my nose as I looked at her. She smiled back.

I leaned in to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she turned to meet my lips.

We kissed.

Not intensely, but more casually, sweetly-playfully.

We pulled away- she had probably the same look on her face that I did- smokey/dreamy, yet at peace.

“You know, I can handle things at this level- you are my guilty pleasure- my delicious tease” she whispered.

“I can handle that” I said with a quick peck on the cheek.

“I hope you can” she said as she rolled up her window and drove off.

I took a second to watch her drive off, got in my car and drove back home.

I missed my exit- but I had other things on my mind…

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