A Day at the Lake

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This is a story about a vacation we took with some dear friends. After a long day in the mountain lake playing with our children, and enjoying the time away from home, we settled in for a quiet night. We played cards for several hours, and consumed a good amount of alcohol. Prior to going to sleep, the girls stepped outside, leaving the guys alone for a little too long. We decided to play a little joke on the girls, we told them that we were tired, and were going to head off to bed. What they didn’t know was that we each went to the wrong bedroom.

I laid in bed waiting. Wearing only cotton pants, the excitement within started to grow. I knew it was just a practical joke, and that nothing would come from it, but still my imagination started to get the best of me. How long would it take for her to realize who was in her bed? Would she be upset when she discovered it was me, or would she go along with the game? And if she did, how far would she go? I was going crazy with anticipation. My cock was quickly becoming rock hard. I struggled with myself; it’s just a game, why am I getting so excited? I shouldn’t be doing this; nothing good can come from it.

Just as I was about to get up from the bed, I heard the door open. Oh shit, now what do I do. I rolled over in the bed, pulling the covers over my head. I left an opening large enough to see out of, but small enough that she couldn’t see me. My breath quickened, my heart was racing.

From under the covers, I saw her enter the room. The small table lamp set a soft glow about the room. She walked slowly across the room, bumping into the foot of the bed. She was starting to show the signs of having just a bit too much to drink. I was sure she was coherent, but she was certainly a little tipsy. As she passed by the bed, I lost sight of her. I heard her on the other side of the room; it was driving me crazy trying to figure out what she was doing. I considered repositioning myself so that I could see her, but was afraid any movement I made would give her the opportunity to see me and would blow the game before it even started. Desperate to know what was going on, I raised the covers slightly. I noticed a mirror above the dresser, as I focused upon it, I saw a brief moment of her reflection. Hmmm, Maybe I could adjust my position without giving up my identity. I acted like I was moving around in my sleep, and found myself able to see her completely in the mirror.

She was standing in the adjoining bathroom, brushing her hair. The thrill of being here in her bedroom was getting the better of me. I found it difficult to maintain steady breathing, and my cock was swelling to an almost painful girth. Just then, she laid the brush on the counter and glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror. She turned slightly as if she was trying to check out her own ass. She seemed pleased with what she saw; suddenly, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I couldn’t believe it, I had tried all night long to get a peak down her blouse to see her naked breasts, and here they were completely bare in front of my staring eyes. I was surprised and relieved that she didn’t hear my gasp as I peered out from under the covers. I was in awe. Her breasts weren’t as big as my girlfriends, but I was completely overcome by them. I wanted so badly to touch them, to kiss them. They were beautiful. Memories of her complaining over years past about the size of her breasts flashed through my mind. I whispered to myself that if I had the chance, I could show her just how wonderful they are. They truly were amazing.

As I looked on, she was busying herself with unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly, and very sensually, she slid her pants down her legs. It was almost as if she knew she was being watched. I couldn’t believe it. Each pants leg slipped softly over each foot. There she was, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing only a pair of panties. The panties were a bright yellow, bikini cut. She looked incredible. Her ass begged to be stroked, to be kissed, to be knelt behind. It was all I could do to stay under the covers, I wanted her so badly.

From under the covers, I saw her look toward the bed. My heart stopped. I was afraid that she had figured out that it was me hiding in her bed. I just knew I was busted. As she was looking at the bed, she had a questioned look on her face, as if she was trying to make a major decision of some sort. She then turned back toward the mirror, slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties, and down they came. I couldn’t believe it; she was standing completely naked some 10 feet away from me. Again, I had to fight back the urge to jump out of bed and run into her arms.

Lost in my desire, I saw her slowly start to turn toward me, steady looking into the bathroom mirror; she was admiring her own body, just as I was. I think we were both very pleased with what we saw. As she turned, I suddenly realized that I was about to see her from the front kocaeli escort side. My anticipation was getting the best of me. It seemed like it was taking hours for her to complete her turn. She was lost in her reflection in the mirror, and I was lost in desire, desire to have her, and at this point, desire to see her completely naked in front of me. And there it was….. a full frontal view. She stopped in that position, allowing me to gaze at her entire length. My eyes went straight to her breasts, and slowly worked their way down. I memorized every inch of her body, working my way further and further down. Finally, I made to her sweet pussy. It was as beautiful as I imagined it would be. She kept her black hair trimmed, not so short that it appeared to be stubbles, but rather a soft delicate look. Her hair was thin, so I was able to see the outer lips. I was going crazy. I just had to have her, but how was this ever going to happen. This all started as a practical joke, I couldn’t let this get too far out of hand. The ramifications were just unimaginable.

She turned back toward the mirror and I saw her reach for her makeup bag. She removed something from the bag, and suddenly the room was filled with the sweetest of aromas. I watch as she sprayed a light mist of perfume over her body. The scent was sweet, but not overpowering. This wonderful sensation only added to my desire. My nostrils flared in an attempt to breath in as much of her as I could.

Just then, there was a soft knock on the door. Oh hell, now what. Was it her husband? In my lust, I had completely forgotten about him being in my girlfriend’s bed? Had she found him out? Was he coming back to his room, and how mad would he be when I was laying there in her bed with her being completely naked just a few feet away? What can I do? It suddenly seemed to me that the only way I could keep from getting killed was to act like I was asleep, and knew nothing of what was going on. I pulled the covers completely over my head, and closed my eyes. I heard her call out softly for whoever was at the door to give her a second. Moments later, I heard her walk through the bedroom door, closing it behind her.

I laid there waiting, waiting for the shit to hit the fan. The seconds seemed like hours; the minutes seemed like days. I was scared, and excited, and scared. My breathing was heavy, but I didn’t know at that point if it was from the excitement of all that I had seen, or the fear of what was about to come.

Suddenly, the door squeaked open again, and closed softly. I kept the covers pulled tightly over my head. Once again, I heard the soft sound of her spraying a mist of her perfume, and then I heard the light in the bathroom being turned off, followed by the light on the end table. I felt something soft being laid across the bottom of the bed, as if she had placed a robe that she would be needing in the morning. Then I felt the covers move, and I felt her weight upon the bed. The bed bounced a little, the covers moved, and I knew she was laying there beside me. Okay, so now what?? She lay there silently, not moving, not making a sound. And time drug on. I could feel myself sweating, my pulse had quickened, and my heart was pounding. Do I just fall asleep now?? There is no way I can sleep with her laying beside me. Did she get dressed?? It didn’t seem like she had enough time once she came back into the room to put on any clothes before she climbed into the bed. That would mean…. No, she couldn’t be naked!! And I certainly cannot sleep here all night long not knowing if she is, or if she somehow managed to slip into something on the way to the bed. Maybe she put on some clothes when she heard the knock at the door?? That has to be it. My mind was wondering all over the place.

Finally, I decided I had to find out. How could I get away with this? I opted to act like I was moving around in my sleep, and would brush my hand against her softly, nothing hard enough to disturb her, just a little wisp against her to see if she was dressed. I carefully changed my position and brought my hand nearer to her. I felt like a madman, half wanting to grab her, and half afraid to even think about touching her. But I had to do something. Mustering up all the restraint that I had, I inched my hand toward her. And there it was. My hand was resting against her bare ass. I wanted to pull it back quickly, and I wanted to softly stroke her bottom. I froze. My hand was still on the curve of her ass. I froze. As hard I was tried, I could not overcome my desires; I fought the temptation, but lost. My hand squeezed slightly on her ass. It was incredible. I wanted more, but was afraid to push my luck.

I laid there for what seemed like hours. My hand softly touching her bottom, wondering how long the night would last, and what would the morning bring. From the other room, I heard movement. As time passed, the sounds became louder, and finally lead itself to soft moans. I couldn’t believe it, kocaeli escort bayan but the longer I listened, the more aware I was of the sound. He was fucking my girlfriend. I could hear the rocking of the bed, and the moaning. The moaning was ringing in my ears. They really are fucking! My god, this practical joke is getting out of hand.

As I lay there listening, my thoughts went back to the woman lying beside me. It suddenly occurred to me that this would probably be the only chance I would ever get to be with her. And how could my girlfriend get mad when she was obviously having a time of it herself. I slowly reached down and pulled the drawstring on my pants. I slipped them off, being cautious not to disturb her. As they cleared my feet, she rolled onto her back. Her movement startled me, so I sat waiting. It wasn’t long before her steady breathing convinced me that her movement was involuntary. I slipped over beside her, and softly touched her skin.

I worked my fingers against the softness of her stomach, lightly drawing small circles as I stroked. Over time, the circles increased in size, and I stretched closer and closer to my target. As I continued my exploration, I was finally brushing the outer regions of her pubic hair, it was softer than I had imagined. I stroked ever so lightly through her hair. My fingers took on their own desire. As much as my mind said that I should stop, my fingers failed to yield. I combed through her hair, and stumbled on to her outer lips, she let out a soft moan, which only encouraged me to do more. I parted her lips slightly, and grazed her swollen clit causing her hand to grab my arm.

In the darkness, I could barely see her head as she turned away from me, and then back again. I was unable to see her face clearly enough to determine her reaction to my advances, but the soft moan that escaped from her lips told me that she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. I repositioned myself to a kneeling position right beside her mid-section. I removed my hand from her pussy long enough to interlace my fingers with hers, and return both of our hands to do some more investigating. I took her other hand in mine, and brought them both to my ragging cock.

I pushed her finger to her clit as I lowered mine to her opening. I was amazed at how wet she had already become. In an instant, she was stroking herself. At the same time, both of our other hands were stroking my cock. I was in heaven. She moaned loudly as we continued to tease each other. I couldn’t tell if her arousal was a result of both of our fingers playing in her pussy, or if it was a result of the sensation she was feeling as we both stroked my cock, but at that point, it just didn’t matter. I could feel the pre-cum building on my cock head, as we stroked, it dripped onto both of our hands. Likewise, the wetness from her pussy had both of our hands soaked. My finger darted in and out of her, slipping with ease through all of the lubrication her body was producing. I could smell the sweetness of the perfume she had sprayed on her body, as I lowered my face to softly kiss her on her belly.

As I kissed her belly, she started stroking my cock with a renewed fever. I removed my hand from my cock giving her unrestricted access. My fingers felt sticky from the pre-cum that had dripped on to them. I raised my hand to her lips, gently stroking them. Her tongue emerged from her mouth, tasting the pre-cum, and again causing her to moan. The feeling of her tongue on my fingers was indescribable, I was sure that I would be lose it any second, but I somehow managed to fight back my oncoming orgasm. She started to stir about in the bed, at first I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but I suddenly realized she was repositioning herself. Just then I felt her tongue on my cock, softly caressing the underside of its head. Her hand gently guided my cock into her mouth, the sensation was incredible. My fingers were driving deeper into her pussy edged on by the wildness that she was stirring from within me as she continued to draw my cock in and out of her mouth.

Trying to hold back my orgasm quickly became a loosing battle. The softness of her lips, the movement of her tongue became more than I could stand. I felt a familiar tightness in my balls, and I knew that I would soon be emptying myself inside of her. She seemed to sense how close I was to cumming. She brought her second hand from her pussy and wrapped it around my cock. As my breathing quickened, she forced my cock deep into her throat and I nearly screamed as my cock started to erupt. She clamped her lips tightly around my cock, and took in all that it had to offer. My body shook involuntarily.

After drawing my cock in and out of her mouth several more times, she finally released it from her grip. It was now time for me to do what I have wanted to do for so long. I spun myself around and landed with my face between her legs. The smell of her womanhood kocaeli escort was wonderful. The scent of her perfume was incredible. I wanted to drive right into her, but somehow managed to hold back my enthusiasm. I wanted to approach this slowly hoping to bring her to the brink as she had done to me. Her feet were drawn up slightly toward her bottom, giving me the ability to slide my arms under her legs and lay my hands on the softness of her hair. I kissed her inner thighs causing her to tighten her legs around my head. I waited. Once her legs started to relax again, I kissed her inner thigh again, but this time, a little higher up. She reacted again by tightening her legs around my head. I continued you do this several times, each time getting closer to her pussy. I could feel the tension in her legs continue to mount.

She continued to moan each time my lips touched her. Finally, I arrived at her pussy. Rather than diving in, I slipped my tongue into her folds, and sucked her right outer lip into my mouth. I sucked on it for several seconds, and then switched to the other side sucking her left pussy lip into my mouth. I heard her gasp. I then parted her lips with my tongue and entered her. I expected to feel her legs tighten around my head again, but was surprised when she threw them wide open. This movement allowed me to drive my tongue deeper inside of her. I pushed on slowly, going ever deeper inside of her. Her scent was divine, her taste was incredible. I continued driving my tongue in to her and then back out again. My finger began combing circles through her hair and I worked them down to her clit. I felt her jump, an involuntary reaction to my fingers rubbing her clit. Her hand reached down to my head. She grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper inside of her. I then ran my tongue up her slit until it danced across her clit. Again she gasped. After a couple of seconds of licking her clit, my tongue lowered back down, and entered her again.

I tongue fucked her for several minutes each thrust causing her hand to pull harder on my head. I then separated myself from her completely, raised myself on my elbows, grabbed her feet and forced her to roll over. I reached my hand underneath, and lifted her to a kneeling position. I rolled onto my back, and slide underneath of her. In the distance I could hear the sounds from the other room elevating to a new level. They seemed to be giving it all that they had.

Focusing back on the situation at hand, I ran my tongue along her slit, and brought it to her clit. As I licked her clit, I wrapped my arms around her legs, and stretched my fingers to her awaiting pussy. I slipped a finger from one hand into her, then a finger from the other. She began rocking back and forth on my tongue, and my fingers continued to fuck her. The intensity continued to escalate. She began moaning softly, but her moans quickly became grunts. I knew that she was nearing her orgasm. I continued to apply more pressure to her clit, and she rocked back and forth with more intensity. As her orgasm approached, I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, and clamped my mouth onto her clit. I sucked on her clit while my tongue darted back and forth. I felt her begin to tense up, her orgasm was upon her. I felt her body shake as the waves of pleasure encompassed her. Her pussy began to pulsate with each wave. Her breathing stopped, and she let out a loud groan. The realization that I had brought her to such an orgasm caused my cock to spring back to life.

I quickly pulled myself from under her and knelt behind her. I could tell by her body movements that she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm. Not allowing her time to recover, I placed my hands on her hips and drove my cock to its full length. Again she gasped. I felt her pushing her ass against me striving to draw me in as deep as possible. I fucked her with such abandonment. I continued to drive back and forth, in and out with no consideration for the fact that this pace would bring me to an end much quicker than if I took my time. Each thrust I made was met by her pushing back against me. I knew I could not keep this up for long, but I just couldn’t slow down. I felt her orgasm rising again. Suddenly, I had the strangest sensation, she had moved her hand down between her legs, and was brushing her fingertips against my balls…… and I immediately exploded. I pulled her hips to me as if seeking to find a new depth. I grunted aloud while continuing to push deeper into her. The combination of her orgasm and mine made me feel as if she were milking the cum from my cock. It was incredible.

We stayed in this position for all of 2 or 3 minutes, and then suddenly, as if we had both had all of the energy drained from us, we collapsed to the bed. I crawled toward the top of the bed, and found her waiting lips. Our kiss was passionate but soft. We didn’t have the strength to continue for very long. She rolled onto her side, and I spooned myself along her back. My cock was nestled between the checks of her ass, and my hand found its way to gently cup her breast. I kissed her softly on the neck, and slowly drifted off to sleep. I knew there would be a lot of questions tomorrow, but for tonight, I was content with where I was.

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