A Day at the Beach

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Emma took off her tropical print swimsuit and sat down on the brightly coloured oversized towel while Alan assembled the windbreaker around the spot she had chosen.

‘You did your research well. This is a fabulous nudist beach. Not too crowded.’

‘I know how you hate crowds, Miss.’

‘Good boy. Don’t forget to remove your clothes too.’

Alan took his shorts and t-shirt off and stacked them in a neat pile on the sand. He was naked apart from the metal cage, which shone brightly in the sunshine.

‘First things first.’ Emma put on her sunglasses. ‘Sun cream for both of us.’

Alan fished in a large bag and retrieved a bottle of lotion. Emma laid on her back. Alan squeezed some cream into his hands and began to massage it into Emma’s skin. He started with her legs and feet and then worked his way up her curvy body. He re-squeezed some lotion into his hands when he got to her breasts and gently rubbed it over them. Despite the warmth of the sun, her nipples were pert and stiff. Her breasts were large and hung heavily low. He carried on with her arms and hands and finished with her face.

She rolled over, and he continued massaging the lotion over her whole body. His cock twitched in its cage as he did so.

She stayed lying on her front, and he applied lotion to himself.

‘Can I get you anything, Miss?’

‘Mmm, yes, I’ll have an ice cream from that stall we saw at the top of the beach.’

‘Yes, Miss.’ Alan took his wallet out of the ostim escort bag, then hesitated.

Emma turned to look at him. ‘Be proud that you’re in chastity.’

‘Yes, Miss.’ He started to walk along the beach.

Emma was just turning over when he appeared back. He handed her the ice cream cone and placed his wallet back in the bag.

‘I got you your favourite mint choc chip.’

‘Thank you.’ She blew a kiss at him, then licked the ice cream. ‘Delicious. Sit next to me.’

Alan did as instructed. They sat, watching the sea and the other people on the beach. There weren’t that many. A few other couples and some single men dotted about, all relaxing naked in the sunshine.

‘Would you like some ice cream?’ Emma asked.

‘That would be lovely, Miss.’

Emma dabbed blobs of ice cream onto her nipples.

Alan felt his cock twitch again. He leaned over and licked at the ice cream. It tasted extra delicious served on his Mistresses breasts. He licked her nipples until all the ice cream had gone. They were stiff in his mouth as he sucked on them hungrily.

Emma led back onto the towel and opened her legs. ‘I’m feeling horny now. Give me an orgasm.’

‘Yes, Miss.’ Alan positioned himself between Emma’s legs. She opened them wide, and he could see her glistening pussy. Leaning forwards, he inhaled her sweet scent as he started to lick her clitoris. She groaned, and he opened up her large lips to see her throbbing clitoris ankara otele gelen escort more clearly. He licked slowly, sucked, and licked quickly. He felt the juices of her orgasm gush out at him, and he drank them up as she groaned again. He gently licked inside her as she shuddered with mini spasms.

Thrusting her hips forward, she started to squeeze her nipples. ‘Carry on.’

Alan did as he was told.

Emma opened her eyes and, propping herself up on her elbows, watched as Alan ate her pussy hungrily. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a young man about twenty feet away. His nude muscular golden body glistening in the sunshine. He was watching Alan between her legs and masturbating.

Emma smiled and shouted over to him. ‘You can come closer.’

The man stopped masturbating and made eye contact with her. Alan glanced to where Emma was looking and then returned to his feast. The man walked towards them, his erect cock leading the way. He stopped at the edge of their towel and resumed masturbating.

‘Alan, don’t be greedy. Maybe this young man would like to taste me.’ She smiled at the stranger.

‘Yes.’ His reply was almost a whisper.

Alan removed himself from his mistresses legs and sat next to her on the towel. His place was taken almost instantly by the other man who eagerly licked at the open pussy. Emma watched the strangers hard cock throbbing and Alan’s caged cock dribble. The stranger ankara rus escort stopped licking and inserted his fingers into Emma while starting to masturbate himself again.

‘I want you to fuck me.’ Emma led down.

The young man thrust his cock inside her straight away. She arched her back as she felt every inch of him fill her tight and throbbing pussy. He pumped in and out, groaning as he did so.

Emma reached out and squeezed Alan’s hand. ‘Kiss me, my love.’

Alan led next to her and leant slightly over, kissing her gently on the lips to start. Her tongue delved into his mouth, and her breathing became shallower as the stranger thrust in and out, grunting loudly.

‘Suck my nipples.’ She whispered to Alan.

He took her stiff nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. His own cock was straining in its cage as he watched the strangers cock penetrate his mistresses pussy.

Emma arched her back more and gripped Alan’s hand with force. She moaned loudly as she orgasmed. Almost immediately after her orgasm, the stranger in her pussy came too.

He pulled out breathlessly. ‘Fuck. That was amazing.’ He stood up, hesitated, then walked shakily off in the direction he’d come from.

‘That was indeed amazing.’ Emma led still and rubbed her fingers across her nipples. Her pussy pulsated one last time, and she felt sperm start to dribble out of her. ‘Clean me up, Alan, you know I don’t like to be messy.’

Alan kissed her gently on the hand the resumed his position on his knees between her legs. He slowly licked the mixture of cum that was oozing out of Emma’s pink and swollen pussy and inserted his tongue deep inside to make sure he got her completely clean. She groaned softly as he did this and relaxed into the beautiful summer’s day.

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