A Dance of a Lifetime

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Thanks to WAA01 for the edits.


“Hey sis, I got a favor to ask?”

“Chris… do you have any idea what time it is?” Rhonda asked, her stage name was Candy, since most men thought she sold her body just because she stripped. True she lost count of the number of old and young cocks she had rubbed or dry humped against that night. That didn’t mean she went home with anyone. She loved dancing. She set her own hours, worked as much as she wanted, and the upscale strip club she danced at brought in a great deal of money for her; more in three days than she ever achieved the one time she worked a normal nine-five job.

“I know sis. But it’s really important.”

“Okay,” rubbing the sleep from her eyes, “what is it that couldn’t wait until I got up at one?” Rhonda asked, looking, sadly, at the empty space in her bed. The last boyfriend she had couldn’t deal with dating a stripper. She tried to keep her lip from trembling as she, unwantedly, flashed back to that terrible day all the horrible names he called her, demanding to know how many guys she fucked at her work. Zero. That’s how many, she knew what those men wanted, and it wasn’t her heart, it was her ass! She couldn’t blame them – her ass did look good. A small smile touched her lips at how good her taut little ass looked in a mirror. It was the benefits of pole-dancing plus the few days she went to the gym. It kept her body fit. At twenty-five she longed to find someone to share her life with, yet none of the men she met wanted to bring a stripper home to their mama!

“Hear me out before you say no… but I was hoping that you’d let me stay at your place for a while?”

“What the hell are you talking about Chris? You live in the other side of the state?!”

“Yeah, I know. I got transferred to an out of town site yesterday, and the guy they roomed me with… well… Please sis don’t make your brother beg!”

“I don’t know… the idea of hearing my little brother begging is highly appealing to me,” Rhonda said, a wicked smile formed on her lips. Chris was four years younger than her and worked construction. They did keep in touch over the phone all year long, yet she hasn’t seen her brother in two years due to her right and proper parents demeaning her for her choice of friends and her work. So what if their asses hung out of their shorts or that their breasts nearly spilled out of their tops. They looked good doing it, and Rhonda didn’t see a problem with it. She knew her father was staring awfully hard at Tonya’s ass the one and only time she brought her friends home with her. Giggling as her brother went on telling her how sweet, how caring, and how loving a sister she was to him. “Okay, okay.” Her chest heaved in her laughter. Pulling her left arm out uncovering her bare chest. “So why do you want to stay here?”

“I’m in town sis. I did tell you it was an out of town site.”

“What?!” Sitting up quickly, the green light of her clock played along her perky 32C breasts. Her chestnut hair spilled down her back feeling her mound brushing against the sheet below her. “Why didn’t you call me the moment you got here?!”

“Because I was dead-ass-tired sis. They got me working twelve hours a day, and your place is only a mile or two from it.” Nodding against the phone knowing the site he was taking about. It was making the traffic to and from her townhouse that she shared with Tonya and her girlfriend damn aggravating. She knew it was for a new hotel on the beachfront, but still it was annoying! “I promise it’s only for a few months then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“Chris you know you’re never a bother to me. But you have to remember I share this place with Tonya and her girlfriend…”

“So? I kind of like the two of them. It was damn funny watching Dad trying not to stare at her ass, and Mom smacking him against the back of his head when he failed. If their cool with it, then I’m cool with it.”

“Alright, let me ask them,” Rhonda said, throwing off her cover. Walking nude through the second floor of their townhouse. They had opted for the four-bedroom townhouse so they could turn one into a practice room and still have a guest room to spare. Stopping in her tracks as she heard the light music coming from the practice room. Standing in the doorway watching Tonya run through her set on the middle of the three poles they had set up in the room.

“You still up suga’?!” Tonya asked, in a sultry voice.

“Yeah, you remember my brother?” Rhonda asked, watching how the pole slid between her cocoa colored ass cheeks.

“Mmmhmm. He was a cute little thing,” Tonya purred, her tongue curled out touching the middle of her cupid’s bow as her thong covered labia ran down the pole. “Why do you ask?” Her medium curly ebony hair dangled as she turned her head to look at Rhonda.

“Well Chris, wants to know if you be cool if he crashes here for a couple of months while he works on that new hotel that’s going up down the street from us.”

“As long as he chips celtabet giriş in on the grocery bill, I don’t mind. Although, I wonder if I’m going to be able to keep my hands off of him, with a hard cock so easily within reach,” Tonya said hungrily, her lush lips smiled teasingly at her friend.

“I don’t know Tonya, I think you might like a little milk in that chocolate pussy of yours,” Rhonda shot back, smirking as she did. Knowing that while her girlfriend was strictly lesbian, Tonya was bi, she just hasn’t slept with a man since she and Baya started dating. Not that Baya didn’t understand she had even said that Tonya could seek out a man as long as she approved of the guy. Baya didn’t want her getting hurt and used. Rhonda thought it was the sweetest thing she ever heard. She wondered why she couldn’t find someone like that, that loved her so much that he was fine with her sleeping around with another woman. Not that she herself was gay. However, that didn’t stop her from tasting Tonya’s pussy before she and Baya hooked up.

“I just might,” Tonya said, returning Rhonda’s smirk as the pole slid between her 38D breasts. Watching herself in the mirrors they had hung on the wall so they could watch themselves to insure that when they were onstage they gave their best. They were in an agreement if men were going to rub their cocks against them, then it was best to milk them for every dollar. Rhonda wiggling her tongue listening to Tonya’s chuckle as she pulled her thong to the side flashing Rhonda her pussy before walking out of the room.

“Love you Tonya,” Rhonda waved over her shoulder.

“Love you too, suga’. Next time you tease me with that tight pussy of yours, I’m gonna pounce!” Rhonda shook her head and yet she felt her cunt heating at her friend’s words. She knew the magic Tonya could perform with that tongue of hers.

“You still there Chris?” Rhonda asked, once she had unmuted her phone.

“Yeah. Still here sis.”

“Tonya said she’s cool with you staying, as long as you pitch in on the food bill,” Rhonda said, her eyes flickered over to the mirror. Her eyes ran down her tight, lean, naked body. She always shaved her hair off, the women who didn’t, when it poked out from around the G-string or thong they chose to wear, never got great tips. Some men where just that picky. Not that she minded, she thought her pussy looked good bald. Then a strange thought crossed her mind as to how Chris would take it if he knew if she was touching her tight, neglected, little peach as she talked to him. Would his dick get hard knowing about it. To hear those steamy words filter from her lips. That it was her that was whispering those sultry words into his ear. That it was her… “Stop it Rhonda!”

“Sure. I don’t mind. I do appreciate it sis.”

“When will you be here?” Rhonda asked, surprised to find her pussy had grown wet when she thought of her brother getting hard for her.

“Probably no later than six-thirty.”

“Alright. I’ll see you then,” Rhonda said, moaning lightly as she slipped two fingers into her hot cunt that longed to be filled by something hard thrusting deep into her. Throwing open the drawer of her nightstand, her fingers wrapped around the base of her favorite dildo. It wasn’t monstrously long, nor was it so thick that it left her in pain. No. This rubber phallus was seven inches long and two inches across just the way she liked her cocks. As long as they were somewhere around six or seven inches she didn’t care as long as she could cum on them as much as they could keep up with her. Sure she had touched, seen, and even fucked one nine-inch cock before. She didn’t like it. The guy always kept trying to shove the whole length into her when she said no. That was the last she saw of that douche. The fingers of her left hand gently rubbed her clit as she sent her dildo surging into her cunt. Her mind wandered, picturing all the strapping men she always saw on the beach. Wondering how they would take hold of her hips and thrust their hard rods into her. To pound her pussy so hard that she begs for more! To how they would fondle her breasts as they fucked her into her bed. Then out of nowhere her brother’s face appeared in her mind. “No don’t Rhonda!” Yet it was too late as her back arched, her cream quickly coated her dildo as she came while her brother’s face danced before her eyes.


“Are we expecting someone?” Baya’s voice echoed through the townhouse as she walked towards the front door as a knock came upon it.

“That should be him,” Tonya shot her girlfriend a smirk as she sat on the couch watching TV before she and Rhonda went into work.

“The one you…?!” Baya asked, as her hand neared the door handle.

“Mmmhmm,” Tonya hummed. The one time she had meet Chris he was a skinny nineteen-year-old. While he could use a little meat on his bones, at least she thought so, she had to admit Chris was cute. She had wondered how Rhonda had kept her hands off of him for so long.

“Yes?” celtabet yeni giriş Baya said, as she opened the door. Her dark brown eyes ran down the young man’s body from his sandy brown hair, his soft brown eyes, and his strong jaw. While his chest, shoulders, and arms weren’t overly muscled, she had no problem noting each and every one of them as his sweat soaked t-shirt clung to his chest. His faded blue jeans had a dusting of grey powder on them. In his right hand, a duffle bag hung, and a green sea bag rested on his right shoulder.

“You must be Baya?” Chris asked, shifting the duffle bag to his left hand.

“I am, and you must be Chris,” Baya said, smiling warmly at him as she shook his hand. Noting the strength that was in that grip of his. “Rhonda! Your brother is here!” she shouted over her shoulder.

“Chris! Chris!” Chris eyes nearly bulged out as his sister’s breasts bounced wildly beneath her shirt as she came rushing out of the kitchen. Her chestnut hair whipped through the air as she ran towards him. Baya pressed herself against the wall as Rhonda ran past her. His duffle bag fell from his hand as his sister threw her arms around his neck. Instantly he could tell Rhonda wasn’t wearing a bra as her breasts pressed against his chest. He so didn’t know where to place his hands. He knew she always kept herself in shape, so how stunning she was wasn’t anything new to him. “Look at you!” Rhonda said, pushing herself back to arm’s length. Her eyes running down her brother’s body liking what she saw. “You’ve filled out!” she said, in a light teasing manner.

“Yeah… kind of happens sis,” Chris said, feeling his cheeks heating as he noted how his sister’s nipples were pressing against her shirt. Not that he was purposely trying to ogle his sister, it just happened.

“Well, just don’t stand there, come on in!” Rhonda said, shooting her brother a warm smile.

“Well, didn’t you just fill out,” Tonya purred as she leaned against the doorframe. Her eyes surveying Chris’s new look.

“Happens when you’re carrying rebar every day,” Chris said, flashing her a friendly smile. “You know what they say, low weights, lots of reps.”

“I have to say, it’s working,” Tonya said, her lush lips curved into an alluring smile. Noting how his eyes slyly glanced at her breasts as they bounced due to the bikini top she was wearing underneath her shirt. She, like Rhonda, didn’t wear bras to work, this way they could undress quickly and hit the floor or the stage.

“Come on Chris, I’ll show you to the guest room. I hope your hungry…?”


“Good, I got spaghetti cooking, it should be done by the time you have a quick shower,” Rhonda said, over her shoulder as she led Chris down the hallway on the first floor. “I know it’s not a big room…”

“Nonsense. Plenty of room. I can’t be picky since I did just drop this on you,” Chris said, smiling at his sister as he set his bags on the bed. “But… every two weeks I’ll be heading home since they’re giving us every other weekend off. So, hopefully I won’t be interfering with your love life too much.”

“Chris… if I was seeing anyone… they would always take a back seat to my baby brother,” Rhonda said, stepping up to him. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered as she hugged him once again.

“Missed you too sis,” Chris said, gently rubbing her back.

“Now the bathroom is just down the hall and on your left,” Rhonda said, as she stood in the doorway. Her eyes ran up his chest as his shirt rose. Feeling her mouth water as her eyes drank in his toned muscles. “I’ve put some towels in there for you,” she said, as she slipped around the corner. She didn’t need her brother to notice how turned on she was. She didn’t think Chris would enjoy that, yet her mind did wonder what his reaction would be if she shoved her cunt into his face. Shaking the thought from her mind as she entered the kitchen.

Turning her head as she stirred the sauce upon hearing a whistle resounding in her home. She nearly dropped the spoon as she caught Chris’s toweled covered backside walking past her. Rhonda could feel her mound throbbing as she noted every muscle of his.

“Well, give us a show,” Tonya hooted. “Damn tease.” Rhonda heard her friend say as she heard her brother’s chuckle and the bathroom door closing behind him. “Damn Rhonda you didn’t tell me your brother got so… hot,” Tonya said, as she stood in the doorway that connected the kitchen and the living room.

“Not like I knew either Tonya,” Rhonda muttered. Keeping her head bowed as she remembered how she came, so hard, as Chris’s image appeared before her. She didn’t understand why her pussy throbbed when she thought about it. Was it because she hasn’t been fucked in the past two years, or did she actually have those feelings for her brother?

“You wouldn’t mind if I have a little taste of him, would you?” Tonya asked, smiling knowingly at Rhonda’s back.

“No, that is if Baya doesn’t mind,” Rhonda celtabet güvenilirmi said, over her shoulder.

“Oh, I think I can bring her around,” Tonya said, slyly. “Want me to tell you what it looks like and how good it feels, deep inside of my pussy?” she asked, smirking when Rhonda’s back straightened. “Do you think he’ll like my breasts?” Tonya asked, lifting up her breasts teasing her friend mercilessly. It wasn’t hard for her to notice when Rhonda was turned on, and she certainly was when she pulled away from her brother.

“I don’t know Tonya, he might like them on the smaller end,” Rhonda said, peering at her friend from the corner of her left eye.

“Oh? A little hopeful wishing, hmm?” Tonya asked, feeling her mound moistening at the thought of the two of them together. Wondering if she could push the two together, knowing how hot it would be as she and Baya watched on. Keeping her chuckle contained as she saw how red Rhonda’s cheeks were getting. Knowing she was hitting the nail on the head. “Oh, that was quick,” Tonya said, turning her head as she heard the shower go off. “I bet he wasn’t jacking off in there. I wonder if he ever will with three hot women in this house,” she cooed before slipping back into the living room.

“Chris…” Her voice stilled as he ran his hand through his wet hair. Watching how a single droplet of water ran down the left side of his neck and down through the crease of his pectoral muscles.


“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,” Rhonda said, feeling her heart racing.

“Okay, I’ll be quick,” Chris nodded. Glad his sister allowed him to stay, one night in the room with that guy was just too much. Not only was it a pigsty, the guy didn’t wash himself after a hard day of work. All through the night he thought he was going to throw up due to the smell. The A/C just made it worse.

“Damn sis!”

“I take it you like it?!” Rhonda asked, with a warm smile. Loving how Chris dug into his food with gusto.

“Mmmhmm,” Chris mumbled as he bit into the garlic bread.

“There’s plenty more if you want another helping,” Baya said, gesturing to the pasta bowl.

“You know,” wiping his lips on the napkin as he looked at Baya, “I’m glad you live here with my sis,” Chris said, as he set his napkin on his lap.

“Oh? And why’s that?” Baya asked, as her dark brown eyes flickered over at him as she took a bite of her dinner.

“Well, I always worry about her since well… you know how guys are,” Chris said, seeing the three of them nod in agreement. “And her being so far away from us, I don’t know what I’d do if some guy took advantage of her or did something horrible. Plus… you look feisty,” he said, flashing Baya a smile.

“Oh, I like him,” Baya chuckled. “But don’t worry me and Tonya run off all those who try anything with her that Rhonda doesn’t want happening.”

“I thank the both of you for that.”

“We’re happy to do it,” Tonya said, reaching over light touching Rhonda’s forearm. Wondering why Rhonda was trembling. She knew what that asshole had said to her when she broke it off with him. Was Rhonda really that moved by her brother’s words? “So don’t you worry, we have her back,” Tonya said, seeing Baya nodding in agreement.

“So tell me Chris, just what are you doing at that site?” Baya asked, as she took a sip of her drink.

“Oh? I pretty much set up the rebar that’s in concrete before they pour it.”

“So is that why you got that nice tan going?” Tonya asked, shooting Chris a seductive smirk.

“Something like that,” Chris said, aloofly.

Throughout the rest of the meal, Tonya caught the slyly glances Rhonda shot her unknowing brother. She was definitely going to see if she could push that envelope. She was sure Baya wouldn’t say a word. She took the privacy of their home seriously, and she knew how lonely Rhonda has been since her bad break up. So what if they were brother and sister?! All that mattered was whether they loved each other or not, and the way Chris worries about her told her he definitely does. It was her job to make that brotherly love into the love between a man and a woman.

“Now you don’t stay up too late,” Rhonda said, loving how his hard body felt against hers as she hugged him goodbye as she and Tonya stood in the front doorway as they readied to leave for work.

“Yes Mom,” Chris joked. His skin heated as he felt his sister’s lips on his cheek. She had stopped doing that seven years ago, claiming that he was too old to be kissed by his sister. Yet then why did it feel like there was something buried underneath that kiss of hers as it lingered longer than normal? Chris wished he knew. His befuddled mind couldn’t answer that as he waved bye to his sister and Tonya.

“So Rhonda, what was up with you at dinner?” Tonya asked, as she drove to the club.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Rhonda said offhandedly, as she stared out at the ocean as they drove down the highway that sat along the beach.

“Come on Rhonda, it’s me you’re talking to,” Tonya said, patting Rhonda’s knee. “I know when you’re turned on, because at one point in time I did get your pussy all nice and wet. So tell me, why you were looking at your brother like he wasn’t your brother?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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