A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 10

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When Melanie and Jimmy got into the car, he put the key in the ignition but didn’t start it. They sat there for a full minute before either of them spoke. Jimmy broke the silence, “I think we’ve created a monster!”

Mel looked at him and giggled, “Yeah, you stud!”

That cracked Jimmy up good, “AND I think it’s YOUR fault!”

“Actually, I think you’re right! I don’t mind taking the blame for this one.”

“Shit,” he said chuckling, “a month ago all I thought about was having sex with you! Now, I don’t know what to think!”

“Are you sorry?”

“No, but it is kinda scary!”

“How so?”

“Where will we be in another month?”

Mel giggled, “That’s a very good question! We’ll just have to see what happens; in the meantime, do you think you could kiss me?” Jimmy smiled and pulled her close over the center console. She was horny as hell, but she could tell he was spent. A minute later the kiss broke and she said, “Okay STUD! Let’s get me home and I’ll see you in school tomorrow!”

Walking through the front door, Joyce was sitting on the sofa with a magazine; she looked up with a mischievous smile, “So! How did it go?”

Mel flopped into the La-z-Boy and said coyly, “One thing I know, Phil and Jill will NEVER be the same; and maybe Jimmy too!”

Joyce laughed, “I wish I could have seen it! Got some highlights for me?”

“Lots…you would have loved to see Phil moving all around trying to get an angle to see things. It was funny, and very erotic!”

“Nice! What else?”

“Uh, well, I have to say it really turns me on to watch my boyfriend do a sexy MILF like Jill. You’ve seen it; what do you think?”

“Honey, it’s all fun! But even though you and I are so open about things; there are still SOME things I just can’t reveal yet.”

Melanie looked at her mother inquisitively, “What does that mean?” Joyce didn’t answer; she just returned her daughter’s look with a sly smile. It took her a moment to process what her mother meant, and then it hit her, “Oh my GOD!” When Joyce burst out laughing, Mel said, “You want him too?”

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind!”

“This is getting crazier by the minute!”

Joyce smiled, “It’s just fantasy, I don’t plan to make it reality!”

Mel giggled, “Good, I have my limits, you know!”

“Yes, sometimes I even surprise myself! But, tell me; were there any other highlights? I need to call Annie and fill her in; that’ll be fun!”

“I don’t know if it’s a ‘highlight,’ but with all the fun things happening, I didn’t even have an orgasm… and I’m so horny I could explode.”

Joyce got up and went over to the accent cabinet in the foyer; she returned with a small Amazon box in her hand. Tossing it onto the teen’s lap she said, “Here, I’ll let you try this out for me…but don’t open it yet; tell me the rest of the story first.”

As Mel replayed the morning for her, Joyce got more and more fidgety. Mel could see her squirming around and (just to tease her) she deliberately added as many explicit details as she could! When she got to the part about the doggie sex and her masturbating Phil, Joyce held up her hand, “You better stop now, or I’m going to take the package back!”

Melanie laughed, “Right, I told you it was amazing!” She got up and announced, “I have to pee…and open the box!”

“Okay, I have to call Annie, then I might call Max!”

Mel disappeared down the hall and into her room; sitting on the commode she tore the package open. There was a glass dildo inside and when she examined the box it made her giggle; nowhere in the description did it use the word dildo; it was called a “Medical Grade Crystal Glass Stick for Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy.” When she opened the box, her first thought was, “Oh my God, this thing is long! I see why they said, ‘Deep Tissue!'” and that thought made her giggle even more! The dildo itself was about ten inches long and it had a handle on it which added another five. The shaft was medium thick with a head like a circumcised cock, and it had spiral ribs running the length. The glass, handle, and ribs were different colors; it really was quite beautiful! Her second thought was, “Wow, I’m gonna love trying this out!”

Mel gave the toy a good wash in the sink; and while walking toward her bed, she pulled off her top. Stacking three pillows up against the headboard, she settled back into them and slowly sucked the dildo into her mouth. That move felt so arousing the chill bumps erupted all over her! She could feel her nipples hardening in the cups of her bra and she let her free hand trail down her chest and tummy until it covered her pussy. Even though she had her pants on, she squeezed and rubbed herself and sucked the dildo harder and deeper.

Her thoughts flashed back to those erotic images of Jimmy’s dick driving deeply into Jill’s wet cunt from behind, her big tits swinging wildly with each thrust, and Phil’s hand trying to grab one but unable to. The visual was just too much and Melanie groaned out loud. It was then she realized that some vibrators had been right there on the urfa escort nightstands, but lay there forgotten. “Oh my God; I wish I had a do-over!” In her thoughts she knew she would have fucked herself silly with one, if only she had remembered they were there!

Melanie let go of her now over-heated twat and slipped the bra straps off her shoulders. Inverting the cups, she exposed her tits. With the dildo still in her mouth, she took just the tip of her middle finger and circled the aureola of her left boob very slowly, very seductively. The teat was begging to be touched, but she refused. After teasing herself for a full minute, she switched hands and did the same thing to the other breast. The sexual adrenaline was now rippling through her every ten seconds and her pussy was gushing wet!

A minute later she gave in. She put down the glass and let her hands play with her tits. She gripped them from underneath and pushed them high on her chest letting her forefingers pluck at the hard points. It felt so awesome her ass lifted off the mattress and she said out loud, “Ohhh FUUCCKK!” Picking up the dildo she balanced it between her boobs and then closed them on it…tit-fucking it! She pinched at her nipples and tried to simulate the dick thrusting between her tits by lifting them up and down against it!

Everything she did to herself felt so good it was unbelievable! She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on while masturbating! It was only about a minute later the realization that she might cum without even touching her pussy hit her! “No, that won’t do; I am NOT rushing this!” she said. She pushed her pants down and kicked them off, then grabbed the dildo in the middle with her right hand and began running the head up and down her slit, very slowly and gently. Her left hand continued to play with a tit, and with each pass over her wet tunnel, she pushed the “Deep Tissue Muscle Massager” a little harder and a little deeper inside herself!

Finally she let the head pop into her cunt; and when that happened, she angled the shaft so that the ribs would catch her clit when the thrusting began. “Oh GODDD that feels good in there! Mmm…so good!” Moving her hand to the handle, she began a slow thrusting. Slow was good! Her ass moved in time with the fucking, and (just as she hoped) the ribs were teasing her clit perfectly!

“Oh yeah…Mmm…Goddd yesss! Uhhh…Ungghhhh…Oh God, Oh my Goddd…Mmm…Fuck! Oh GOdd…Yes…fuck me…Unghhh…FUCK ME…Oh, OHHHH…” The orgasm tore through the teenager with a shuddering intensity; so powerful she couldn’t see for a moment. Mel came so hard that she clawed at her tit without realizing it…and left some bruises!

She showered slowly and washed her hair, and then laid down for a nap. Just as she did, Joyce knocked and opened the door, “Wow…are you okay?”

Mel smiled, “Can I keep that thing?”


Annie, Chris, and Cassie were sitting at the kitchen table having a light lunch when the phone rang. Derek had already left for Trevor’s so she put it on speaker. “Hi Joyce!”

“Annie! Melanie got back a while ago and I thought you might like to hear how their morning went!”

“I definitely would; Chris and Cassie are here, you’re on speaker.”

“Okay, Hi Chris, Hi Cass! I bet Mel would like to tell you herself, Cass. What do you think?”

“I bet she will,” Cassie replied, “but I wouldn’t mind hearing it from you too!”

Chris spoke up and said, “I want to hear this, cuz Phil isn’t much for details. But I have to leave in ten minutes; can you talk fast?”

Joyce did the best she could and the three of them sat there grinning at each other. Finally Cassie said, “I find it hard to believe that Melanie didn’t join in very much.”

“I can understand it,” Joyce said, “this was their show, a first for them. It wouldn’t have been appropriate for Mel to get too involved.”

“Is she busy tonight?” Cassie continued, “Maybe I could come over later and hear her side!”

“When she wakes up, I’ll have her call you.”

Chris got up from the table, “Good stuff! But I have to go.” He gave Annie a kiss on the cheek and said with a wink, “I’ll see YOU later!”

His implication was clear and Cassie reacted, “Daddy…PLEASE!”

Chris laughed and headed for the door, “What did I say?”

“I have some things to do too; Max is picking me up and I have to get ready. What are you girls going to do this afternoon?

“Cassie has some classmates coming over to discuss a school project,” said Annie, “I’m going to serve the milk and cookies!”

Her daughter rolled her eyes and said, “Ms Joyce, just tell Mel to text me the time to come over, please.”

Joyce audibly giggled, “I’ll tell her; okay, gotta run!”

When the phone disconnected Annie said to Cass, “By the way, what kind of milk would you like, white or chocolate?”

Cassie just laughed, “I’m going to my room now!”

Half an hour later urfa escort bayan on the dot of 1:00, the doorbell rang. When Annie opened it two girls were standing there holding hands. Robbi was taller and quite cute; she was pretty much as Cass described her: short dark hair, pierced eyebrow, baggy clothes. Her eyes flashed dark also and they had a mysterious quality to them. Carla was thinner but attractive with strawberry blond hair cut for a tomboy. She wore pink-rimmed glasses which set off her pale-blue eyes. Her clothes were more fashionable like from Abercrombie but her smile was genuine. “Well hi there!” Annie greeted them, “One of you must be Roberta…I don’t think Cassie was expecting two people.”

“Hello Ms Hughes, I’m Roberta, but you can call me Robbi; this is my girlfriend Carla.”

“Hi Carla! Come on in both of you, Cassie’s upstairs; she’ll be right down.” With a big grin Annie said, “Can I get you some milk and cookies?”

Robbi and Carla exchanged amused glances and then Carla replied, “Um, no thank you; we just came from lunch.”

Robbi spoke up, “I wouldn’t mind a bottle of water though.”

“Have a seat girls; I’ll get the water.”

Cassie came bounding down the stairs just as Annie went through the kitchen door. She had thought there was water in the fridge, but there wasn’t. So she went to the the garage and fetched three bottles of water from the extra refrigerator; and when she returned, her daughter was in the La-z-Boy and her visitors were on either end of the sofa. She handed each of them a bottle of water and started to say, “Okay, I’ll be in the kitchen if you girls need…”

“Mom,” Cass interrupted, “I wouldn’t mind if you joined this conversation; would you like to?”

“Sure, if you want me to.”

She sat down in one of the wingback chairs; and when she did, Robbi said, “I was just telling Cassie how important this project was for our semester grade, Ms Hughes.”

“Yes, Robbi, that’s what Cass was saying yesterday. She also said you both were very good in social studies. It’s really nice you want to include her.”

Robbi and Carla looked at each other and Carla said, “I’m not going to be in this project, I have another partner already. Our teacher won’t allow threesomes.”

Smiling at Carla’s choice of words Annie continued, “Oh, I see, so if Robbi and Cassie are partners, who are you going to partner with?”


Annie’s mouth dropped open. THIS was a surprise! She turned to Cassie, “Did you know that?”

“Umm…no, they just told me; Melanie hadn’t said anything to me. It’s the first I heard of it, and it’s kinda why I asked you to sit in on this.”

Looking back at their guests Annie said, “Let’s see, from what I know World History is Cassie’s weakest subject, and Melanie is even worse.”

“That’s what I was saying when you walked in, Mom.”

Annie studied Robbi’s face. Her eyes had changed from mysterious to mischievous, and she had a very slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She looked at Carla; she was sitting with one leg under her on the sofa biting a fingernail. But she was looking back at her with a sly look of her own; one eyebrow raised higher than the other. “These two have an agenda,” thought Annie. At the precise moment she was thinking that, Robbi and Carla looked at each other and smiled. “Ahh, YES!” she thought, “I see it now!”

“So Carla,” Annie began, “Melanie has already agreed to be your partner?”

“Yes, like we asked her first the other day.”

“And did Melanie agree to your terms?”

Carla seemed caught by surprise, “My…terms?”

Annie smiled warmly, “Yes…terms.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Ms Hughes?”

Annie covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, “Sure you do; you want to have sex with her in exchange for being your partner.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open, and she flicked a glance in Robbi’s direction. “I…I never asked her for that.”

“Oh sure you did!” Annie looked at Cassie, “Would your best friend have agreed to this partnership, without telling you? You didn’t want come in between Robbi and Carla without a discussion about it. Melanie would have thought the same thing.” She turned to Robbi, “So when you made this little deal with Melanie, what did she say?”

Robbi was a very smart girl and she could see that Annie was having fun with this. She was grinning when she replied, “Melanie said it sounded like fun, but she would have to like discuss it with Cassie first.”

“And you girls didn’t want to wait for that to happen?”

“Well,” Robbie offered, “the problem is that Carla and I were going to be partners, but we decided on this little ‘adventure’ at the last minute.”

It was here that Cassie spoke, “I don’t understand why you think we would want to do that?”

“I, uh…” Robbie hesitated, “The thing is, we think you and Mel are so incredibly cute! So we thought we would take a chance. And our part of the deal will be that we give you both some pointers on how to write a better essay for history.”

Robbie escort urfa had that impish look on her face again; so Annie said, “So you two proposition all the ‘cute’ girls at school?”

“I can answer that one,” said Cass, “Since they started dating each other, I haven’t heard one thing about any ‘propositions’ like that.”

“Okay girls, listen,” said Annie, “Stop being coy let’s just tell the truth.”

Carla said to Robbi, “Hey, they don’t seem to be mad; soooo?” She turned to Cassie, “If I tell you the truth, don’t be mad okay?”

“I’m not mad now; like why would I be mad about the whole truth?”

“Just promise you won’t be mad when we tell you.”

“All right, I promise.”

“Here’s the thing,” said Robbi, “Carla and I had been discussing some fun we wanted to try. We’ve wanted to try it for over a month now.”

“What fun is that?” asked Cassie.

“We wanted to find another girl and invite her to do a threesome with us.”

Cassie’s eyes went wide-wide open! “Oh my God!”

She looked so funny…Annie spoke up, “I get that, so why did you decide on Melanie and Cassie?”

“I already told you, we think they are really beautiful…and like we think we can help them get a good grade in the bargain.”

“No,” Annie continued, “there’s a little bit more. These girls have boyfriends.”

“That’s the ‘don’t be mad’ part;” said Carla. “We were in school the other day and we overheard a little of a conversation…between Steve and Jimmy!”

Cassie’s eyes narrowed, “What did you hear?”

Carla was cautious, but she continued, “We heard something about what happened in the van after the Katy Perry concert.”

“OH MY GOD!” Cassie yelped.

“Cassie, please!” Robbi interjected, “It’s not their fault; they didn’t see us…and we definitely aren’t going to tell anyone about what we heard.”

Cassie had her hands over her eyes, so Annie said, “It’s okay; if you’re promising not to tell, that’s the best we can do.” She laid her hand on Cassie’s knee, “Cass?” When her daughter dropped her hands, she grinned, “These two are pretty naughty, aren’t they?”

Cassie looked sideways at them, “Yeah, worse than naughty!”

Annie laughed, “Tell them Honey, tell them how naughty YOU are!” When three mouths dropped open, she continued by looking at Robbi, “You’re surprised? If she and Melanie did the deed in front of their boyfriends, that’s pretty naughty; don’t you think?”

The ever intelligent Robbi said, “I think it’s hot as hell!” They all laughed…even though Cassie’s face was beet red, she laughed as well!

“So from the sound of this, Melanie wouldn’t mind your bribery scheme?” Annie asked.

Robbi was still giggling a little, “Like I wouldn’t put it that way!”

Annie looked over at Carla and back at Robbi, “Two horny girls bribing two other horny girls. Is there some other way to put it?”

Carla was laughing again, “Let’s face it Rob, we’re not gonna pull anything over on her; she’s one of THOSE mothers!”

This situation was escalating way past the point of interesting and Annie decided to just go for it and see what would happen, “Yes, I am! But the thing here is, you two simply have no idea how naughty I can be myself!” Both girls blinked hard in surprise; Annie turned to Cassie, “They couldn’t possibly know that, right Cass?”

Cassie was a bit surprised herself, but she went along, “No way, that’s for sure!”

“For sure, that’s right!” Annie declared. “So if Melanie is in agreement, do you want to go along with this scheme?”

“Maybe I will, but what do you have in mind, Mom?”

“Since I’m in this conversation, and these two horny things want to play sex with my daughter, then they are going to need my approval! Will you girls agree to my terms?”

Robbi and Carla were taken aback; for a few seconds their eyes moved back and forth among the four of them. Robbi said, “Um, I’m not sure what you mean?”

Annie grinned at her, “I said I was naughty, a lot naughtier than you could imagine. Will you girls agree to my terms? If you want your little adventure to work, you’ll have to say yes.” She looked over at Cassie and winked. They both knew these two were dying to find out what this meant.

So Robbi said, “Okay, what do you have in mind?”

“Fantastic!” Annie enthused. She turned to Cassie, “Let’s start with Carla, what do you think she should do to win my approval?”

The light had come on and Cassie now saw where this was going; and it was going to be HOT! So she said, “Maybe she could start by taking her clothes off?”

“Beautiful!” said Annie, “Great Idea! Okay Carla, let’s see that pretty body of yours!”

Carla just sat there looking stunned, “What?”

“Take your clothes off please!”

Naughty Carla turned to her girlfriend for support, but Robbi had caught on as well…and she liked it! She just nodded to Carla and said one word, “Adventure!”

Carla’s face said it all! “Ohhhh…I see!” She turned to Annie and nodded; then she got up and peeled off her top.

Annie heard Cassie’s sharp intake of breath, but she just said to Carla, “That’s a beautiful bra; do the panties match?” Carla was blushing but she immediately unsnapped her jeans and pushed them to the floor. “Mmm, they do match!” Turning to Robbi Annie said, “Do you like pretty lingerie also?”

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