A Coffee, Sir?

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We met off of the interstate, just outside of Jackson, Mississippi on a cold March day in early spring. Neither of us had seen each other before, but we had talked. It had been a long drive for me, over 30 hours, and the traffic had been brutal. But, since I had booked a room in Jackson for a couple of days, I was refreshed and less cranky than I had been through all of the construction the previous day.

After a quick hello, I told him to follow me back to my hotel.

“Wow, you get right to the point, don’t you?” He asked.

“I did tell you I wanted to fuck you, didn’t I?” I replied as I got into my car and waited for him to get back to his truck.

When he did, I drove through the small city, back to the hotel. Inside the room, I closed the door behind us, locked it, and got right to the point, unbuckling his belt and lowering his jeans and boxer briefs to his ankles. His cock was limp as I moved my mouth upwards towards it. I didn’t touch…but breathed moist, warm breath along his shaft until I reached his stomach, where I lightly placed my lips momentarily.

I moved away, removing his shoes and the garments pooled at his feet. Leading him to the bed, I had him sit on the edge, and moved to my knees before him. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking it slowly but firmly until my cheeks concaved. Then, without moving my lips, I ran my tongue around the head teasingly, sucking further each time I returned to the sensitive spot beneath. I could feel him start to harden, as I watched his facial expression and heard a slight groan mumbled from his lips while he watched me.

I stopped, told him to close his eyes and relax. Being somewhat dominant, I was not sure he would agree, and was shocked when he put up no resistance and I heard no witty quip. He merely closed his eyes, smiling.

I focused on his cock once more, this time taking the entire length in my mouth slowly until I could feel it in my throat, then isveçbahis slid my mouth back up to the head. As I did so, he spread his thighs wide, allowing me fuller access, and I took advantage of it, sliding my mouth up and down, feeling him harden within my mouth. Saliva dribbled out of my mouth, lubricating the length of him, and on my next slow thrust, I moved my jaw to suck one of his balls into my mouth as well, massaging it against his cock lightly. He moaned his pleasure as I continued to suck, telling me how wonderful my mouth felt.

With his words, I let his ball slip out of my mouth, and removed my mouth from him.

“I want no words. The only thing I want to hear is the sounds you make,” I told him.

I aggressively attacked his hard shaft, pushing it down my throat, hitting my nose on his pelvis with each thrust. I moved quickly, increasing the rhythm, causing my chin to slap against his balls with each downward stroke. I was turning myself on, listening to his guttural groans and moans, the sound of my slobber “smacking” at the end of each thrust, and knew my panties would soon be soaked.

When I felt his seed start to rise up his shaft through my lips, I quickly grinned…this was where the fun began!

I slowly removed my mouth, leaving him gasping in disappointment, although he should have known better. I removed my tee shirt and the bra beneath, then took each of his legs and placed them on my shoulders.

I told him to open his eyes and watch, and watch he did as I slowly slid my large breasts up his cock, his knees bending as I pressed him down flat onto the bed. Feeling accomplished, I returned my attention and my lips to his penis. My tits bounced as I once again started sucking hard, fast and deep.

Within no time, I could again feel the cum begin to swell through him, and felt the slight tremors through his thighs. This time, I allowed it to build a bit farther up his shaft before slowing my pace isveçbahis giriş to a snail’s crawl. I began to suck shallower, taking just the head and first inch into my mouth.

When I heard his groan, mixed with pleasure and frustration, I slowly slid my mouth softly to the base of his cock, again taking long strokes, filling my throat. Only these strokes were much slower and I used less lip pressure and more tongue as I sucked softly, up and down. When I reached his head on each stroke, I sucked hard, then softened the pressure when I moved it deeper into my mouth.

After about an hour of this torture, he had had enough. He tangled his hands in my hair, and pressed me to the base of his cock roughly, feeling me gag around him as he rammed his cock down my throat. With his knees bent, he pressed me to him until I was unable to move, and kept me there as I continued to gag at the depth.

Moments passed, with neither of us moving. I think he enjoyed the feeling of my gags, squeezing his head and shaft. When I couldn’t breathe and had no reserves left, I placed my hand on his upper thigh, and tried to push away, only to have him flex his legs into my back, keeping me in place.

He suddenly moved his legs from my shoulders, and took his brutal hands from my hair. I quickly moved off his cock, gasping, filling my lungs with air once more. Tears clouded my vision. He looked down at me, his face soft and kind, and told me he wanted to fuck my face.

“How?” I asked, still kneeling before him, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Lie on the bed, hang your head off of it slightly,” he instructed, “but get naked first, Janie.”

I did as he said, stepping quickly out of my skirt and panties, lying sideways on the bed with my head hanging over it.

“Like this?” I asked in a playful tone as I dropped my head back and opened my mouth wide.

He stood up and moved to my face, his stiff cock perpendicular to his lean body. isveçbahis yeni giriş He grabbed hair on either side of my head, twisting it around his hands, and slowly slid his cock in.

I was expecting roughness, so the gentleness surprised me. He slowly slid in and out, bottoming out in my throat, using my hair to brace himself.

Just as I had done, he increased the rhythm until he was pounding in and out of my mouth, with my moans and gags stifled by his cock. Even with this pounding, I could feel him getting closer, and I placed my left index finger on my clit, moving it in circles, while my other hand alternated between caressing my tits and pulling hard on my nipples. Pleasure and pain, such a contrast of beauty together.

While his balls bounced furiously off my nose, I could not see much, but I knew he was enjoying this new view by the increased pressure on my hair and throat. As I continued to rub my clit, I knew I would soon orgasm, as my hips started bucking up. The movement seemed to distract him, but his pace didn’t slow, and his moans grew louder.

Without warning, I found him fucking my face harder, and felt the warm streams of cum slide down my throat as I choked on his cock. His pace slowed, but the depth didn’t…not until he began to soften and got sensitive. When that happened, he slowly removed his hands from my hair, and then his cock from my mouth. Being a brat, I sucked and licked furiously during those last few moments, causing a few more twitches.

“Fuck, that felt good. You are a good cocksucker, slut,” he said as he moved for his pants.

As he began to dress, he asked, “Did you know that bucking your hips makes your throat tighten around me, Janie?”

Still naked on the bed, I rolled over, and smiled at him, saying, “Yes.”

Briefs on, he quickly moved to the bed and slapped my ass hard. “Brat!”

I smiled up at him, “Yessir, I never claimed otherwise!”

I rolled back to my back, and returned my finger to my clit as he dressed and readied to leave. As he opened the door to go, grinning to myself, I shouted, “Thanks for the coffee!”

I heard him chuckle as the door locked behind him and I continued to play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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