A Bright Star at 2 A.M.

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It is 2 A.M. and the night is closing in on me. I ache and I am lonely but not because my husband, in title only, is out of town.

I am yearning for you.

If I had magical powers you would be in front of me right now.

No, change that.

Since this is just a fantasy I will have magical powers.

I get what I want.

You would not be in front of me.

You would be under me, on your back, with no pants on!

I close my eyes and imagine your smile and the passion I know I will see in your eyes as I straddle you. I am so wet and filled with anticipation. I hunger for you. You alone are the object of my desire and here you are right where I want you, hard, ready, and waiting. I have to feel you, all of you. I slide along your stiff cock with my soaked pussy, coaxing my lips apart, coating every inch of you with my juices. As you guide my hips I bump your plush head into my throbbing, sensitive clit over and over.

This feels unbelievably good, just like I knew it would. But still I crave more. I can’t wait any longer. No more teasing. No more talking, so much talking! I ache for all of you inside me. The desire in your eyes at this moment tells me you feel it too. With my next long slow stroke I slide your cock further down my wet folds and the ridge of your swollen tip catches at my opening.

Finally, you are right there.

I am more than ready for you. I am dripping. Your eyes are locked with mine. Wow! This moment is finally here. I hesitate. You sense what I am waiting for. I need to be certain of your consent. You smile and just one word comes from your lips with a nod “please.” Then, all I have to do is roll my hips the tiniest bit and the tip of your cock presses in to my body.

With a moan from both of us, you lift your hips and thrust up inside me for the first time.

Oh my god! Heaven!

I take in just a few inches of you at first, you are thick and perfect. This is bliss beyond words. I begin to rise and fall slowly, working you in and out of my wet channel. You are spreading me open in the most delicious way, hitting my sensitive g-spot with your crown, rubbing inside me in all the right places. I am using you for my own pleasure.

You are flawless and feel so right. I love the expression I see on your face. Your mouth is slightly open, eyes wide with pupils dilated. It is clear how much pleasure I am giving you. You also look a bit tortured. You are letting me control our rhythm and the depth of your penetration. You are holding back and letting me take charge. You are always such a gentleman. I am assuming this is a good kind of torture?

I lean down to demand your mouth, your hot tongue laps out and twists with mine giving me indescribable pleasure. You are making me feel so good- so present, so alive, so desired, and so beautiful. Every inch of me is flushed and glowing because of our shared passion.

You reach up, grazing my sides with your big hands to cup my breasts. Your hands are so sexy. I am almost infatuated with them. For the longest time I have craved them on me. Over and over you are caressing my breasts, kneading them, and twisting and pinching my nipples hard. I like that. A shiver of pleasure runs through me. You take my hands gently in each of yours and weave your fingers with mine. Looking down at the defined muscles in your strong arms flexing as you steady me is such a turn on. We are connected now in more ways than one.

Our relationship so far has been an exercise in complete restraint on both our parts. I am done with that! I want more. I need to have you deeper, all the way. I want all you have to give me. I want to eat the whole cake, drink the whole bottle, and order everything off the menu. I need you right now as sure as I need air to breathe. No holding back.

I lift up, squeezing just the tip of your cock at my entrance for a moment, we lock eyes and then I slowly sink down your shaft, sheathing you all the way to the hilt with a whimper. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Finally, I am full of you. You take in a long hiss of air and make the most amazing satisfied sound. I give us both a second to savor this moment. Then I can’t help it. I have to move.

You help me set a slow delicious rhythm as I ride you. Your stone hard cock is deep inside me. You are turning me in to a quivering mess. As I rise up, I can’t bear to let much of your length escape my body. I have been greedy for you for too long. I want to savor every moment and every inch of you. I want to make this last. I ease back down until I am completely impaled and full of you.

I circle my hips and grind you against my walls deep inside. I bounce my clit against the base of your cock, over and over with a soft slapping sound. I want to feel every inch of you I can, push limits. I am hoping to be sore tomorrow, so I can’t help but remember this and think about you inside me every moment.

Suddenly, the cat meows at me.


I snap out of my fantasy.

Damn it! I don’t have magical powers? You are not here? This sucks!

Great! Now what? I check the clock. Hmmmmmmm… You might be awake. I reach for my phone. I’ve isveçbahis always had impulse control issues when it comes to you. Thoughts of you pop in to my head and I always want to let you know right then that I am thinking about you. I am certain this usually irritates you. I send you a message, not my usual wordy novel. For once I will be concise. I text just 2 words…

“Come over…”

I lean back in to the leather of the couch and pick up the remote to search for a show to distract me. Suddenly, my phone vibrates, lights up and makes that happy sound that I love. Your answer sends my mind spinning and my heart racing…

“Be right there…”

Are you kidding? You must be kidding!

We often joke this way. This can’t be for real. I look at my phone like it has 2 heads and pick it up to question you. Just then it vibrates to life in my hand again, scaring the crap out of me. More words from you. Here comes the “LOL!” Or the “In your dreams silly…” But these words are a dream come true…

“Not joking…”

“On my way…”

Oh my god! Really? From your house to mine at this hour is at most 10 minutes. Tonight dreams might start becoming a reality in just 10 minutes? I can’t believe it! I race upstairs, clean up, throw on a reasonably sexy something and run back downstairs to light a couple of candles. My heart is pounding. I have butterflies in my stomach. I feel light headed. The idea that you are on your way over is so thrilling to me. I want you so much I almost can’t stand it.

Next thing I know, there you are walking up my driveway in the blue moonlight. Smartly, you have parked around the corner. I see you through the window. You look my way. I rush to meet you out on the back porch. The porch is private, lit by candles, and protected from view by a high privacy fence. It is romantic and made cozy by huge ferns hanging from the eaves.

I stop at the step, barefoot, and only have to wait 2 more seconds and then here you are- for real- standing right in front of me. We are so close, face to face, not touching yet. I drink you in, memorize this moment.

“Hi you,” I say, “I can’t believe you are really here.”

I have to wait a moment for your response. The intensity in your expression and how tightly coiled you are has me a little worried.

But, then you sigh, smile and say, “I want this. I want you. I have always wanted you.”

I don’t hesitate. I take advantage of being up on the step 7 inches taller than usual and lean in to kiss you. I wrap both of my arms around your neck, a feat normally impossible for me because you are so tall. I pull your gorgeous body in to mine. Soft at first, I am still uncertain; I take your face in my hands and kiss the corners of your mouth. We are nearly eye to eye.

Even in the candlelight on the porch I can see the intense desire in your expression. I am certain you have no doubt of my longing for you. I brush my lips against yours. You stand rigid and still, hands at your sides, not really returning my kiss. Am I going to have to seduce you? Convince you that your heart and your body want this?

Ok, I can rise to meet that challenge.

I trail hot wet kisses from your right temple down to your neck under your ear. You’ve just had a shower and you taste delicious. I love the texture of your stubble against my mouth, lips and tongue. I love kissing. I become bold. I open my mouth against your neck and throat to kiss and suck every inch of you as long as you will let me. This is so good. You moan just a little, your throat vibrates against my mouth. This only boosts my confidence and encourages me to continue.

I want to devour you. I wish I could mark you. I can feel incredible wetness pooling between my legs as I taste you. I am melting more with every moment. The taste, the smell of you and the warmth of your luscious skin is like a drug to me. I toss your hat on the porch so I can trace my finger tips through your hair and across your scalp as I kiss you. I run my hands over your strong broad shoulders and scratch down your back with my nails as far as I can.

Your body makes me wish I had 6 hands so I could touch you all over at once. I reach around your waist to grab handfuls of your ass and squeeze. Then I run my hands down the backs of your powerful thighs. This makes you moan.

You are not made of stone. You are warm flesh. I have wanted you here in my hands for so long. I have fantasized about how I would touch you if I could. But you continue to stand still not touching me.

I want you to let go. Stop holding back! I want your hands on me!

I am not sure if my kisses or caresses are having any effect on you at all and your uber self control. I groan in frustration. Suddenly, you answer my unspoken demand. In one motion you wrap your massive arms around me and step even closer crushing me tightly against you. You are so physically strong, the power you have over me makes me feel a little drunk. You slide a knee between my legs and push your hips in to my belly. I can feel your growing erection hot through your jeans, long and hard against my stomach. Oh my! Yummy!

You isveçbahis giriş join me up on the step and begin steering me backwards on to the porch, kissing me the whole time. You are devouring my mouth with yours. You have your right hand cradling the back of my tipped head and your left hand is squeezing my hip pulling me in to you.

I love the way you are taking possession of me. My knees are suddenly so weak I am sure I would fall over if you weren’t holding me tightly. I am on my tiptoes to give you access to my lips, face, throat, neck- all of me. Take what you want. I would do absolutely anything you want right now. I surrender.

Next thing I know we are on the iron couch surrounded by cushions making out like teenagers. You have your arms around me crushing my body into yours. You are kissing me in a way you never have before. Our tongues are frantically exploring each others’ mouths. Your turn my face and attack my neck with open mouthed hot kisses up to my ear, then you nibble my lobe.

You breathe hot and heavy in to my ear and then dart your tongue out to tease me. I love that. I feel like I could pass out, this is so erotic. No, I feel like I could cum first just from this and then pass out.

You pull the front of my nightgown open and squeeze my left breast up toward your mouth and roughly take my nipple in, swirling your tongue across and sucking at the same time. I cry out when you bite down lightly with your teeth. It feels so good I can’t be quiet. I want to make sure you do that again and again. I am flooded.

While you attack my other breast I reach down and begin stroking the hard length of your cock through your jeans. I rub up and down your pulsing length. You moan for me. When I pay special attention to the tip of your cock and squeeze you through the fabric of your jeans with my fingers a wet spot forms.

You have to be in agony trapped like this. I know I am in agony every moment more that I don’t have my hands or my mouth on you. I begin to fumble with your zipper. You help me open the front of your jeans. As you stand up to let them fall I drop to my knees and grab you. I have wanted few things in the world more than to be in this position in front of you.

I quickly wrap my hands around your cock and bring you to my mouth. I literally plant a big wet kiss on your tip to “make friends.” How I have wanted to “meet” you! Then I begin licking, nibbling, and sucking the whole length of you. You taste delicious. As I squeeze you and play slippery beads of precum seep from your slit. I spread them down your length with my mouth to mix with my saliva until you are coated. You are hard and glistening and beautiful. I am in no hurry. I want time to stand still right now.

On purpose, I am not gripping you that firmly. I tease you over and over with my mouth and tongue using gentle licks, not quite taking you in to my hot mouth. I focus on your tip, swirling my tongue in circles while I hold you lightly in my hands. I can feel you throb with each of your heartbeats. I can feel you shudder.

Suddenly, you make a sound that is close to a growl. Are you frustrated?

Next thing I know, you grab the back of my head with those hands I love and begin to fuck my mouth in and out with short determined strokes.

Wow! I am a little shocked.

I am surprised by how quickly our roles have reversed. But I like it! No, I love it! You are dominating me in the best way. The thought of how much pleasure I am giving you in this moment far outweighs any discomfort I might be feeling.

I relax my throat and slide my hands up the back of your legs to meet your thrusts. I look up at your face, your eyes are closed, and your jaw is tightly clenched. I try to flatten my tongue even more for you. With your next thrust you hit the back of my throat a little making me sputter and my eyes water. Your eyes fly open and when you see the look on my face you immediately stop and withdraw from my mouth. I miss your cock immediately.

While holding my face in your hands you pull me up and hug me tightly.

“I am so sorry! I got carried away. It just felt so good. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” you say.

“I loved it! That was a huge turn on for me. You didn’t hurt me at all. You should feel how wet I am right now,” I respond.

“Show me,” you say with a smile.

I push you back to sit down on the couch and step in to you as close as I can. I lift one leg and put my foot up on the cushion next to your thigh. I am spread wide but concealed by the length of my nightgown. I can feel the cool night air hit my drenched pussy. It is exhilarating.

I have to put my hands on your shoulders to steady me. I am feeling light headed again. You slide your right hand up the inside of my leg from my ankle to my thigh. It tickles a little. Waves of desire are sweeping through my whole body. Oh god, I want your hands on me, your fingers in me. You are toying with me and taking your time. Ever so lightly your brush just the edge of my labia with your finger tips as you circle. I moan and try to lean in to your hand. That just makes you pull away with a devilish isveçbahis yeni giriş smile.

Clearly, you are in charge now. My legs are shaking as you repeat the same upward circle on my thigh but this time you press in a little further. Your long fingers sweep in to my lips to separate them. You actually gasp out loud when you feel my heat and how wet I am for you.

“See what you do to me?” I purr.

“You are practically dripping,” you say with appreciation.

Your control is finally undone. It seems you can’t deny me any longer. You begin to explore the most intimate parts of me and caress my lips further apart with your fingers. You find the tight little bud of my clitoris and brush over it in a leisurely stroke with just one wet finger.

The pleasure I feel is intense. I can’t help but moan and lean in to you. Your fingers dance up and down my folds. You take my breath away when you slide your middle finger deliberately up inside me as deep as it will go while looking in to my eyes.

You have the sweetest expression on your face right now. I can plainly see your passion, affection and reverence. This feels so good- don’t ever stop. You add a second long finger and it feels even better. You begin a lazy rhythm in and out, rubbing the front wall of my pussy. You pull my face down to kiss me. Your mouth is hot and open and so sensual. You begin to sweep your tongue in to my mouth using the same pace and tempo as your fingers in me. You are fucking my mouth now with your thick, hot sensual tongue. I am dizzy. I want you to penetrate me any way you desire.

I am here for you in this moment wanting to give you every pleasure imaginable. As your fingers stroke in and out of me you use your thumb to circle my clit with just the right amount of pressure. This drives me wild. Your pace is mouth-watering, the friction exactly what I need. My body is humming. I can feel my orgasm building. My hips begin to move with your fingers. I can’t help it. I can’t stop bucking softly against your hand.

I whisper, “I am so close. I am going to cum for you. I don’t think I can cum standing up. I am afraid I will fall.”

“Come here, come closer,” you say in your most seductive deep voice, “I have you, let go and feel me, feel this. I want you to touch me too. I want to cum with you. Let’s do this together, share this. ”

You position me up on the couch with you. I have a knee on either side of your thigh even closer to your beautiful body. This is perfect! I can once again reach down and work the length of your cock and gently cup your heavy balls. You grow longer, thicker, and harder in my hands as they move with each thrust of your fingers.

I slide my palm up your shaft then use my fingertips to circle around your crown over and over. You are pumping your hips up in time with my strokes. We are moving together at the same delectable pace toward ecstasy. You press your forehead in to mine. I feel your heat. I feel your breath on my face. I am right where I want to be surrounded by you, by our sounds and the scent of our arousal.

Your left hand is on my hip supporting me as your right hand is busy making me weak, creating the most amazing sensations through my whole body. You can now easily take my nipples in to your mouth again, biting, sucking bringing my pleasure to a whole new level. I feel I am going to explode any second. I am overwhelmed with rising waves of sensation. You sense this and back off a little. You are not as close to release as I am. You pull your fingers from inside of me. I miss them immediately.

“I think I need some of you on me,” you say.

You reach down with your fingers glazed in my juices and wipe them on your already glistening crown. Oh my god! I gladly move my hand away to give you full access. I am mesmerized looking at your hand wrapped around your beautiful cock, stroking it, handling it as only you know how. You are rolling your thumb over the tip, stroking your shaft, it is so erotic. I almost can’t stand it. How many times have I imagined you doing just this? Now I have a front row seat!

“Want some?” you say with a smile.

Your eyes are so intense, your pupils blown with desire. I am sure you expect me to say no, so when I nod yes you seem surprised in a good way. You reach up and wipe your wet finger playfully across my lips and then lean in to kiss me. Your tongue darts out first to taste my juices on my lips.

“Yum, you are delicious,” you say.

As you kiss me more you bring your fingers up to my mouth. I don’t hesitate, I take them in and swirl my tongue all over sucking them clean. This makes you moan again and your cock jumps in my hand in response. I stroke you even harder and faster.

Without warning, you plunge those same 2 fingers back up inside my pussy making me cry out in surprise. You begin strumming my clit with a quicker pace than before. You pull your mouth from mine to suck in my pebbled nipple. You rake your teeth across the tip and with each tug of your lips I am brought closer and closer to the edge. I am almost there. I am probably bruising your shoulder with my left hand. I am clinging to you so tightly. Don’t let me go. We are moving as one. We are getting louder, closer. I can’t help moaning to let you know how much pleasure you are giving me. Our sounds and the scent of our arousal in the cool night air surround us.

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