A Birthday to Remember Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

This is the last chapter in this series and is written by Helen.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoy it.

I woke with a start, where am I? What’s the time? The first question I answered easily, I was with Jen, in her bed. I needed to know the time as I had a flight to catch. I looked around the still dark room and spied a clock on the bedside table, it was 5.00am, well I hadn’t overslept but I hadn’t planned to spend the night with her. My memories of the previous evening came back to me, god! That was a good time, she was good to be with especially if that was her first time with another woman. But I shouldn’t be here. I tried to roll onto my back, my arm imprisoned by Jen was sleeping on it. I didn’t want to wake her, not this time, maybe the next. I would have loved to wake her in a special way but now was not the time.

I slowly pulled my arm from underneath her, she made a sound and moved on to her side but didn’t wake up, and that was good. I headed to the bathroom. Turning on the light I looked at my reflection in the mirror, boy did I look a mess the remnants of yesterday’s makeup smeared on my face. I felt rough, god knows how much we had drunk yesterday but it was a lot, my head doing its best to remind me my body joining with my head. I found some wipes in the bathroom cabinet and removed the makeup. “Girl you need some war paint, you look awful.” I thought to myself but I didn’t have time, it was still dark outside hopefully no one would notice.

Back in the bedroom I groped around for my clothes my knickers and bra were by the bed, my blouse still hanging in the en suite from when I had had a shower, I wanted a shower now but that would have to wait until I got home. Where were my trousers? Yes I remember Jen had put them in the dryer. But that was just before she revealed herself in all her glory. I hoped to god they were dry, Getting from here to home without make up was possible but with wet trousers would not be easy. I headed downstairs; most of the lights were still on, the remains of the wine and food still in the lounge. “Sorry Jen, but I’m going to leave this for you to clear up.” I found my trousers they were still a little damp but acceptable. I threw on my clothes found my bags and called a taxi.

Standing by the front door it was still silent, Jen was still asleep, good, I didn’t want to see or talk to her right now. The taxi arrived within ten minutes, now to get away from here. I told the driver my address; he tried to start a conversation. “Early start for you love?” He asked.

I replied, “Don’t call me love it’s so demeaning.” I left him in no doubt that I wasn’t in the mood for talking. The twenty-minute drive gave me time to sort my head and plan for the day. I was off to Berlin for a few days, work mainly but a little pleasure mixed in. I am a Freelance Corporate Legal Consultant by profession, being able to speak several languages meant I was often in demand around Europe. I certainly wouldn’t describe the job as exciting but the money was very good and I enjoyed the travel, mainly on expenses and being freelance meant I was always in control of my life. I detested anyone else controlling me; I was in charge of my life and in charge of those around it. Yes you could call me a control freak but my view is if you don’t like it, then get out. My ex husband couldn’t handle it so he got out. He thought he was getting the last laugh and left me before I could leave him, the bastard!

The taxi dropped me off, I must have been feeling rough I gave him fiver tip for keeping his mouth shut. I closed the front door, first job a coffee followed by a shower. Stepping out of the shower I felt alive again. Another coffee then I sorted out hair and make up. What to wear? I was going straight from the airport to a meeting so I need to wear a suit. It would be warm over there so I chose a black skirt suit and blue blouse. I grabbed an everyday pair of knickers and a bra but thought. I would not be spending the night alone in the hotel, perhaps I should lay on a little surprise, and he would be there before me. Why not? I found a set in blue, lacy semi transparent bikini knickers and matching bra. Sexy but also comfortable to wear all day, I’m not wearing stockings and suspenders all day; he’ll have to be happy with hold ups. I’ll walk in the room and do a strip for him. Dressed I finished off with droopy pearl earrings and necklace and not forgetting a wedding ring. I wore one when working, it was a good way to keep lecherous businessmen away, if that didn’t stop them the phrase “Sorry wrong time of the month for you.” That works every time and if it’s away from work just a “Fuck off” works wonders.

Finally I was ready; case was packed laptop in bag and ipad purse and passport in handbag.

The taxi arrived, different driver and much more polite than the last. I said I had some work to do on the way to the airport and he left me in peace, I was happy again, I felt in control once more.

All isveçbahis the files had been emailed to the client; I had paper copies that I wanted to read during the trip. I pulled out the first file and started to read.

I got half way through the second sentence Jen came into my mind I started to think of her asleep in the bed this morning. “Put it out of your head you’ve got to concentrate on work.” Before I had finished the first paragraph she entered my head again. The image of her cuddled up to me last night, my breast her pillow, the smile she had on her face as she slept. “Damn.” I said under my breath.

“Everything okay miss?” The driver inquired.

“Yes, err, sorry didn’t mean to say it out load, just something to do with these papers I’m reading. I got half way down the page again she came into my head I could hear her as she screamed my name from the kitchen last night. “Shit” the driver looked at me through his mirror. “Sorry, my secretary has made some typos, ignore me.” He smiled nodded his head and carried on driving. There were no typos no mistakes the document was perfect but I couldn’t remember a word that I had read.

I was getting nothing done. “How long to the airport?” I asked.

“About twenty to twenty five minutes the traffic’s light so should be there no problem.” He replied.

“Thank you.” I decided I had twenty minutes to get Jen and last night out of my head.

I hadn’t planned for yesterday to turn out how it did. I was going out with Sally to do some shopping and have lunch she never mentioned Jen in the plans. My plan was Sally, she is one of my best friends we generally have a good laugh long chats and a shoulder to cry on, but I wanted to take it to the next step. I fancied her like hell. I wanted to sleep with her, make love to her but she didn’t seem to be interested.

I got close a couple of years ago at a party, both very drunk we were sitting outside on a bench having a cigarette joking something about who would you most love to kiss at the party. We went through a few names giving them a yes or no then Sally said “What about me?” I turned and kissed her, not a peck but a lot more she reciprocated the kiss, we kissed for a few seconds, I placed my hand on her breast. She immediately pulled away from me looking embarrassed realising what was happening. She laughed it off by saying kissing not groping. Making an excuse she quickly left me leaving me alone on the bench. She would never talk about that night. Whether it was fate or not but that incident led me to meet David, my secret lover, no one knew about David, he was the man I would be spending the next few nights with. He came out saw me sitting alone and joined me. How it started I didn’t know, one minute we’re sitting there next minute we’re kissing and groping.. Someone came out we had to break our embrace. A shout of “What’s going on out here then?” David was quick and explained I wasn’t feeling too great and he was making sure I was okay. We got away with it. I said about going somewhere that’s when he explained his wife was inside, with that he left me. It was great rejected by two people in less than ten minutes. I decided to leave; the party had lost its shine. As I left David pushed his number into my pocket, I should have thrown it back to him there and then but didn’t. There are so many times I wished I had.

Since that night I wanted Sally so much but it never happened. I would arrange situations put us in the right arenas. We never talked about it but I knew she wasn’t interested but I couldn’t give up. Shopping and lunch you never know, I held on to the slimmest of hopes.

Then the events in the park having lunch, Sally going leaving Jen and me together. I thought if I can’t have Sally then I’ll have her little sister, it started out as anger towards Sally to get back at her for rejecting me rather than any true feelings to Jen. Jen was vulnerable; easy I knew that she was still so messed up over the ending of her marriage. I felt I should help her, I had my own reasons, I didn’t want her to hurt, I had been through a divorce I knew what it was like.

I didn’t really have a plan we had started to talk and I thought I would see how far I could go. I ignored the subtle approach; well it hadn’t worked with her sister. Walking back to her house I had given her the bait by sitting naked in front of her in a field fucking myself. She had nibbled the bait but didn’t bite. I should have left it there why I didn’t I don’t know. Ending up back at her house I gave her a birthday present, I hadn’t bought it for her, it was for me, something to titillate David with, whilst in Berlin. She took the hook the rest you know.

Yesterday had been about revenge, I’d never had feelings for Jen I shouldn’t have got her involved, I’d already hurt her now, I didn’t want to know I would be hurting her more. But my feelings last night quickly turned from revenge to lust, I wanted to be with not sat in the back of a taxi, I had thought once we had made love isveçbahis giriş that would be it, that’s how it works for me, I take what I want and the urge leaves. So why hasn’t it now? Why can’t I get her out of my head? It was fun I enjoyed it but that should be the end. I see the image of her lying naked on the bed I can hear her calling my name. I can feel the sensation of her tongue on my pussy. Every time I breathe in I smell her perfume. I lick my lips it’s Jen I can taste. Shit, I thought.

“Two minutes and we’ll be there.” It was the driver. Thank god back to reality. I collected my things and pushed all thoughts of Jen from my head. Forget her, you’ve got an important meeting today followed by a few days relaxing and having fun.

The driver opened my door, took my case out of the boot and even found me a trolley. I pushed the trolley inside the terminal, damn, I hadn’t checked it online, I always do. It meant I had to queue. Luck was with me, I was flying business, there was no queue I managed to get checked in through customs and found a chair in the business lounge in less than fifteen minutes.

“Good morning madam can I help you with anything?” I looked up from my chair it was the hostess. Yes I thought, help me get my mind off things.

“Coffee orange juice and a croissant, thank you.” I replied. I watched her walk away, she wasn’t unattractive a good figure but it wasn’t the hostess walking away it was Jen! “Jesus Helen pull yourself together. You’re bloody hallucinating now.” I was getting angry with myself. I closed my eyes.

“Madam I have your order.” I opened my eyes.

“Thank you just put it down on the table.” I replied. She did as asked and left me. I closed my eyes again immediately Jen came into mind, I could see her clearer than if she was really there. The images the sounds of last night flooded my head, I could feel her, taste her, smell her I could see the look of helplessness in her eyes as she stood in her kitchen. I could feel her caresses on my body I could hear her whimper her moans of desire.

A voice broke my dream. “Are you okay madam? Sorry to interfere but you were looking a little unsteady.” It was the hostess I opened my eyes my hand rubbing my thigh. What had I been up to? I had a feeling inside me, a feeling I knew well a feeling I usually enjoyed.

“I’m fine thank you.” I tried to think of an excuse. “It’s been a long week. Would you mind putting my bag into security, I think I’ll freshen up before the flight.”

“Certainly madam. I’ll bring you a fresh coffee when you are ready.”

She took my bag and I headed to the bathrooms I looked at my watch, forty minutes to boarding, plenty of time to sort myself out. Usually it was a nice way to kill some time but now it felt like an essential.

I entered a cubicle and closed the door. The cubicle was quite large with a sink vanity unit toilet and shower and several machines dispensing all types of toiletries. I always thought there should be one more dispenser. Ensuring the door was locked I removed my jacket and put it on a hanger. I had to be careful I needed to keep my clothes clean. I kicked off my shoes unzipped my skirt hanging it up with the jacket followed quickly by my blouse. I looked at myself in the mirror, “What was I doing?” I thought. I put my hand between my legs my knickers were slightly damp I removed them leaving me standing there only in my bra and hold ups. I pushed the chair up to the wall sat down on it and opened my legs. My fingers started to slowly rub my pussy, I closed my eyes it was Jen playing with my pussy not me. My free hand found my tits still with my bra on, I pushed it up I didn’t want to stop to take it off. My fingers found my nipples, stroking them pinching them, squeezing them but it wasn’t my fingers it was Jen. Two fingers entered my pussy I thought of Jen playing with my pussy last night I wanted to feel that again I wanted her to be here with me now. My hand left my tits looking for my bag I pulled out my hairbrush, people had commented on the strange shape of its handle, if they saw me now they would understand. I rubbed the handle on my pussy then positioning myself I slowly pushed it deep inside me, fucking myself with the brush my other hand concentrated on my clit. It felt good, I wanted it to be Jen so so much, the bitch had got me and I wanted her to have me. Deeper and faster the brush went I grabbed a towel to bite on, I needed to be quiet but I just wanted to scream my hand now back on my clit rubbing it in rhythm with the brush. All my thoughts were her, being with her, making love with her fucking her, Jen fucking me. I licked my lips I could remember the taste of her pussy I wanted to taste that now. I sucked on my two wet fingers it was me I tasted I wanted it to be Jen. My fingers dry they went back to my clit rubbing it harder, fuck it could feel it, my legs were trembling harder I went I was cumming, all over my body was tingling, every nerve electrified. Yes, yes yes. I was close to collapse, isveçbahis yeni giriş I tried to steady myself on the chair, and gradually I bought the brush to a stop and slowly removed it from inside me. I dropped the brush and slid off the chair, now sitting on the floor enjoying the glowing of my body but it was still Jen in my mind. I stayed there for a few minutes getting my breath back. I looked at my watch time was running out. I stood up my legs still trembling. I washed my hands and adjusted my makeup before dressing again and sorting out the cubicle. A couple of deep breaths I was ready to leave. I walked back into the lounge and found my chair. The hostess came over with fresh coffee.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes.” I replied. “Much better.” If only she knew, perhaps she did, perhaps she goes around the back telling her colleagues, “There goes another one.” I didn’t care boarding was in fifteen minutes. I finally drank my coffee ate the croissant and headed to boarding.

It seemed to work, my head felt much clearer, less confused I felt in control again. I hadn’t said goodbye to Jen I should say something. I sent her a quick text explaining why I had to leave and didn’t want to wake her. I said I would email her later.

The flight was uneventful, I managed to get the reading done I had finally screwed my business head on. Jen was still in my thoughts but now I was able to control them. We arrived on time and within an hour I was at the company I was visiting. The day went well the company was happy with the work I had presented and it was signed off. Another contract finished, I had two other meetings planned over the next two days with another company the rest of the time with David.

I had called him a couple of days after the party, I had been feeling down and it seemed a good way to raise my spirits. Hundreds of times I had regretted calling him but I enjoyed his company and he satisfied my needs. The first time we met we ended up staying in a hotel overnight, well I spent the night he went back to his wife. The affair carried on from there I enjoyed it for about the first year, I then started to resent him our meetings always revolved around him when he could fit me in, he said he loved me but I was sure I was just being used. He never talked about his wife and I didn’t want to know anything about her. I did see her at a party it was Sally’s birthday party. She was there with David it was the first time I knew who she was I realised I knew her we had met briefly once before. I spent the whole evening ensuring I was never close to David we ignored each other I stayed away from his wife. I hadn’t enjoyed the party and left early, I was jealous of her I didn’t want her to have him. I decided to end the relationship give him an ultimatum it was her or me but if it were me I would make the rules. I didn’t want to be with him full time, marriage or living together was not an option, we would see more of each other but that would by mutual consent those were my conditions. I thought he wouldn’t agree but a week later he called me to say he had left her for me. Part of me was glad no longer would I be jealous of her but I knew he shouldn’t have done it, I knew I should have walked away however I had a love for him, why shouldn’t I have what I wanted? We were free to see each other on a regular basis but through a veil of secrecy our relationship had to be between us and no one else. I insisted I had to much to lose. He knew of my love for other women he accepted it, it was part of the deal, it turned him on when I told him about my encounters I told him what he wanted to hear, most I made up, that part of my life was nothing to do with him.

It was rush hour I didn’t want to use the U-Bahn so took another taxi. I was looking forward to getting to the hotel I wanted to relax and unwind; the hotel had a good spa a pool several nice restaurants, close to the Tiergarten and David was waiting for me. The journey would take a while, I sent David a text message, I was on my way. I sat back in the taxi kicked off my shoes and looked at the life in Berlin as we drove , Soon I closed my eyes my thoughts were of David; maybe have a massage a lovely dinner and then an early night. I opened my eyes my thoughts, my dreams were not of David they were of Jen waiting for me at the hotel. It was her holding my hand walking through the Tiergarten it was her eyes I was gazing at over dinner it was her I was making love to on the bed.

I thought I had sorted this out; I had gotten her out of my head now she was back, I didn’t want her there I wanted it to be David anyone but Jen. The more I tried to remove her the stronger she was within me. I was telling myself over and over again “Don’t think about it, think about work tomorrow. Once I’m in the hotel with David she will have gone.” Was I going insane? This is stupid, one night that’s all it was all it was ever going to be, I would find an excuse not to see her again. I didn’t want to see her. She probably didn’t want to see me again; last night would have been a one off she wouldn’t want to repeat it she would be embarrassed by my company. She would rebuild her life I wouldn’t be a part of that. She would hate me for all the hurt I’ve given her if she ever knew.

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