A Birthday Surprise

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It was his birthday, and it had been a hellishly tough day; busy at work, busy in traffic, moody clients, grumpy colleagues, uncooperative suppliers. And to spoil the rest of the day, his dinner date Shelly called in sick this morning, which was a real bummer as they had tacitly agreed to take things a lot further tonight. They’d only started dating recently, but they’d already gone from hot kisses and sneaky gropes to pretty steamy petting in his car and on her doorstep. She wetted his appetite in a big way, and he had lusted after her for weeks now.

God, what a day! By the time he was finally on his way home he felt like he’d really had it! To top things off there was an unfamiliar car in his parking space. Damn it! Nobody parked there but him! He honked his horn, but when nobody emerged from anywhere in his street, he was forced to drive around the block again and park somewhere else.

Dan was not in the best of moods when he opened his front door, but when he walked into his hallway he stopped dead in his tracks. Candles…Burning candles everywhere! What the hell? Why had he not seen their lights flickering through the windows, from outside the house already? He snorted…he’d been too indignant to notice probably. Who’d been in his house? Who did this?

He heard a soft rock ballad coming from the speakers in the living room. He quickly took off his shoes and tiptoed to the door, pushing it open gently, to find nobody inside. Very strange indeed! What was going on here? He stepped into the living room, looking around to make sure there was nobody there after all. There was not, but suddenly he noticed a little white card stuck to his antique framed mirror. The handwriting was beautiful but unfamiliar, but the words made his breath catch in his throat.

“Are you in the mood for some sultry lovemaking and exquisite pleasure, Dan? Are you ready for some of your wildest dreams to come true? Follow my trail if you are feeling reckless and horny… and babe…there’s still time to leave while you can!”

He ripped the note off the mirror to read it again and his mouth became dry. Some of his wildest dreams to come true? Oh god! Or better…ooh goddess! Leave…?! If this was who he thought it was, she just had to be joking!

He turned back to the hallway, and for the first time he noticed a trail of women’s clothing leading up the stairs. A black velvet tailored jacket here, a black pinstriped skirt a bit higher up, some sheer black delicate silk stockings over the banister, a white silk blouse almost on the landing and small lighted candles positioned on just about every other step. He was absolutely positive those clothes were not there when he walked into his house! Did she only just sneak downstairs and put them there? Was she watching him, as he read that note, undressing in a frenzy maybe? Swallowing became a lot harder suddenly! He took the steps carefully but quickly, lithely stepping over the clothes and the candles, and careful not to set fire to the hem of his trousers!

Dan gathered the clothes on his way up, bringing the blouse and delicate stockings to his nose to inhale the soft fragrance of a familiar perfume. The sensuous silk of the blouse and the wispy decadence of the stockings felt so soft against his face they made him swallow hard once more. On the landing he found another little white card. He put the clothes down to pick it up.

Whoever wrote it, asked him to step into his bathroom “…not wearing any clothes please, just leave them at the door”. He hurriedly undressed and opened the bathroom door, but he didn’t find her there either, just more burning candles, everywhere. Damn!

His masculine black and white bathroom looked different somehow by candlelight, and his white marble bathtub was filled with steaming hot fragrant water. Soft luxurious bubbles floated on the surface and from somewhere nearby he heard soft guitar music, a little ethnical or European perhaps? Now he was positive it was her, and that she could not be far away!

Stuck on the glossy tiles above the bathtub there was yet another little note. He was actually starting to enjoy them! This one was telling him to “Soak for a while and relax…Close your eyes and Dan…do not open them at any time unless you are asked to do so”

His skin tingled and for a brief moment he was tempted to go and have a look in the bedroom first, to look for her, to make sure he was right about who was doing this, though in his heart he was already positive it had to be her. (My god, Shelly!! How did she get into the house? The little minx! She was supposed to be sick for God’s sake!) But he decided he didn’t want to spoil any of her surprises, and he definitely wanted all she had in store for him. So, he stepped into the bath, gasping for air for a second when the heat almost scolded his skin, then, slowly lowering his body into the hot water.

The soft fragrant steam caressed his skin and he moaned softly with delight as he closed his eyes, allowing himself to relax isveçbahis for the very first time that day. Slowly he started drifting away, the soft music soothing his soul, the warm water easing his mind. He felt like he was floating. The hot silky water lapped against his skin in the comforting rhythm of his own heartbeat. Then, almost imperceptible at first, soft fingers appeared out of nowhere, like little butterfly wings caressing his temples, merely gently touching at first, then slowly stroking the side of his face, down over his cheeks and along his jaw, down his neck and his shoulders, gently massaging, softly kneading the tension of the day out of his muscles. His contented sigh of pleasure gently rippled the water. Such soft yet strong fingers; he almost purred when they caressed his scalp and stroked his neck so exquisitely.

Gentle pressure on his head told Dan without words to slide down into the tub a little deeper. He let his head slowly be tilted back into the water to wet his hair and those agile fingers started washing his hair, carefully massaging his scalp, softly caressing the sensitive skin behind his ears, making him feel so good. Nobody had ever washed his hair before, other than his mother when he was little, and the sweet caring sensation made his eyes sting. Very gently the hands rinsed the shampoo out of his hair with warm water from the showerhead.

Dan obediently kept his eyes closed, even when those soft hands started washing his entire body, caressing his skin everywhere, softly rubbing and rinsing, making him feel all pampered and relaxed and warm. The soft fingers soaped his chest in big circles and he moaned deeply when they gently teased his nipples. It felt so good! Down over his abdomen in the same soft circles, making his skin feel alive and tingly, down to his belly, over his hips, down the length of his thighs, stroking and caressing in slow tantalizing circles.

Gradually the stirring in his body grew. His blood ran faster, his pulse went up and his heart beat stronger as the fingers moved up his thighs. And under the ministrations of those soft nimble fingers his cock grew, in sync with his passion when a warm hand cupped his balls. Nothing else existed but the warm water and those soft maddening slippery hands, moving up and down over his dick. His soft moans became more urgent now, erotic images playing in his head.

Oh god! Those amazing hands, stroking him with the soft back of slender fingers along the length of his cock, fingers softly squeezing the base and caressing the underside of his pulsing member. A tender fingernail ever so softly scraped along his hard shaft. Fingers encircled his swollen crown, moving up and down only a fraction at a time. The palm of a warm hand gently rubbed his emerging pre-cum over his head in small circles and down his shaft with soft long strokes and caresses. Then two hands, with the fingertips pointing away from his belly, gently started rolling his cock back and forth between them from tip to base and back, like a girl scout trying to make fire. His cock and balls felt almost like bursting.

Suddenly, the hands disappeared and he was left with aching balls and a raging hard-on. But before he could even begin to protest, those hands slid underneath his ass and lifted his hips, raising the tip of his cock high above the water. The relatively cool air on his swollen head felt almost soothing.

He wanted more, oh much more, and just as he started to wonder what was going on, soft lips engulfed his head and started licking and sucking. He thrust his hips up eagerly, almost drowning himself, sloshing water over the edge of the bathtub. Oh God! He moaned louder. A delicate tongue licked his head and probed the tiny little hole and slit on top ever so softly, those hot lips spread wide open, allowing more of his hard cock to be slipped into a slick wet mouth. This woman was droving him nuts! The sucking got more intense now, deeper, his head almost swallowed, his entire shaft squeezed…so hot…so wet…so good…

“Oh FUCK!” Dan grunted, as nimble fingers softly stroked his buttocks and in between, pressing against his anus. A wet soapy finger tenderly probed and easily slipped into his tight asshole. “Aaahhhh…” he gasped. A warm hand softly folded around his balls, fondling them. That hot wet mouth started bobbing up and down for real now, sucking his cock. That, and that finger sliding in and out of his ass so erotically, made him breathe erratically. That maddening soft tongue swirling around his head, oh fuck, he just knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. Oh God! Faster now, yes…deeper…yesss…harder now…oh yes…oh yesss!

His taut balls felt like bursting, his cum seething to erupt…Oh YESSS! He must…oh god…he must cum now! He felt his crown swell and his boiling seed started rising up through his shaft. Suddenly he was there! He cried out his pleasure, thrusting his hips up to eject spurt after spurt of hot sticky syrupy cum into that slurping mouth and tight isveçbahis giriş eager throat, as deep as he could… Moaning…Jerking…

“AAAHHH YESSS…” squirt after delicious squirt…fuck it felt so good…so good…! Finally his moans subsided. He felt spent and leaned his head back on the edge of the bath, panting. His body was softly lowered back into the warm water by those gentle hands. He wanted to move but his limbs were too heavy, so he decided to rest for a moment, to catch his breath…and then, the merest sigh of a whisper tickled his ear.

“You may open your eyes now, Daniel….”

For a second, her words didn’t register, and when he finally managed to lift his heavy eyelids, there was nobody in the bathroom. And yet he knew he hadn’t dreamed those hands, or that mouth! Anxiously he looked around, and he felt oddly relieved when his eyes spotted another little card against the mirror. Suddenly he felt wide awake again. Quickly, he rinsed his body and stepped out of the bathtub to towel himself dry, while he read the message on the note.

“Now that you are relaxed and warmed up…step into your bedroom…and babe…be prepared for anything…Are you willing to lose control?”

His heart skipped a few beats and eagerly, naked, he walked the few steps to his bedroom. The door stood slightly ajar and he pushed it open. The bedroom was filled with more candles…and his bed! Oh my…Those weren’t his sheets! What were they? Satin? Silk? Were they black? He took another step into his bedroom.

He felt her presence behind him, even before he heard the door closing. He slowly turned around and forgot to breathe…


She stood, casually leaning against the door, her semi-nakedness emphasized by the clothes she was wearing. His eyes bulged! A tight black satin halter top with thin leather laces in the front, her large round breasts supported, presented, almost obscenely offered up to his staring eyes, her nipples clearly visible through two slits in the fabric, protruding proudly, hard and erect. Dan’s eyes wandered down over her soft smooth lightly tanned skin to the sexiest black sheer stockings he’d ever seen, even wispier than the ones he’d found on the stairs! Thin satin straps fastened them to a sexy black satin garter, which nicely framed a tiny sheer black lacey thong with a naughty wide slit in the middle to show off her soft bare mound of Venus, her swollen pussy lips almost begging to be touched. And, to finish her outfit, she wore a pair of sexy black shoes with high heels making her legs look even longer.

“Surprise…!” Dan heard her croon. She looked totally in control (though she was glad he couldn’t tell that her heart was fluttering). A smile curved her red lips. Even her finger- and toenails were a dark shiny red, and he knew she never polished her nails!

“Oh goddess… is all of this for me?” Dan exhaled slowly.

Her hands rested flat against the door, then pushed her away from it. She walked towards him with swaying hips, singing “Happy Birthday” for him in her best ever Marilyn Monroe imitation. When she reached him, she grinned at the dazed look on his face.

“Hi baby!” She cooed, running her hands all over his body and kissing his lips. That jolted him back to life in a hurry, and he kissed her back fervently, his hungry hands roaming all over the soft satin bits that barely covered her luscious body.

His instantly alert cock was pointing straight at her, drooling happily. Shelly delightedly watched him wrapping his fist around it. Unable to resist temptation, she sat down on the bed, pulling him towards her face. Her hands curled around his firm ass. She stroked his buttocks and gently caressed in between with her fingers, rubbing her soft cheek with his cock, marking it with his pre-cum. Licking his throbbing shaft up and down and sucking the oozing sweet juices off his head, she moaned softly when she tasted the sweet drops of honeydew she had so been craving for.

“Oh Shelly…oh babe…you look good enough to eat!” Dan moaned above her fiery red hair.

“Hmmm…Funny you should mention that!” Shelly smiled and pulled her mouth from his dick. Looking into his eyes, she leaned back on the bed, stroking her breasts over the halter, teasing her nipples to make them even harder. Dan scraped his throat to try and say something, but Shelly slowly opened her legs wide, and suggestively patted her lacey crotch.

“Before we do anything else, baby, I thought you might be thirsty, and I have been so hot for you all day. Sucking your beautiful cock in the tub just now almost made me cum, but I held back… What I’m trying to say…god Daniel, I’m so desperate for your touch right now. Would you please? Will you suck me? Do you want to taste me, lick me, suck me, drink from me, honey?”

His hungry moan reverberated through her body as he dove forward and knelt between her thighs in a flying hurry. Like a starving man he pulled her toward him on the edge of the bed and took her buttocks isveçbahis yeni giriş in his hands to lift her up to his desperate mouth. Licking the wet lacey wisps of fabric, pressing his face into her pussy, he made her tremble and moan with need. His fingers teased her ass and swollen lips. His lips rubbed her clit, placing soft wet kisses all around it.

Shelly felt his tongue sliding up and down her slit, making her moan and cry out his name… “Oh god yes…right there, yes Dan, more…yesss…” Her head was rolling from side to side, her hands clawing the sheets, then grabbing his head tight. He could feel her thighs quivering against his cheeks with her impending climax, the muscles in her belly taut with lust and desire.

Dan impatiently pulled the edges of her thong farther to the sides and slid his slick tongue in between her lips. He probed deep into her pulsating cunt, sucking up her sweet juices, rubbing her clit with his nose, driving her wild. It didn’t take long. Shelly’s hips started bucking wildly. Her thighs opened and closed, rubbing against his ears and cheeks and he felt the first waves of her orgasm crashing over him, the flood of her release filling his mouth and flowing down his chin. His name echoed through the room as he held her tight to his lips, his tongue pressing down on her clit, his lips closed tight around her swollen pussy. Sucking, drinking her cum, lapping up every sweet drop, and not stopping there for one second…

His hands held her hips in a vice-like grip. Dan’s mouth was driving Shelly insane, making her cry and plead and squirm and gyrate her hips to try and get away from his maddening sucking lips and flicking tongue, yet at the same time trying to pull him closer, rubbing herself against him, grinding her pussy into his face. His mouth was pressed and clamped over her clit, making it swell and throb, aching for more. His slick fingers deftly penetrated her quivering body on both sides, slowly but deeply finger fucking her cunt and ass at once, making her convulse and contract. It sent her straight over the edge again, and again, gasping for air, holding on to the back of his head for dear life, almost doubling up her body. She was spasming, shaking, babbling deliriously, pulling Dan’s hair, kissing the top of his head, laughing and crying and calling his name over and over.

When Shelly finally got back down to earth, she found Dan licking her nipples through the slits in her halter top, trying to open it up to nuzzle and lick her breasts. She put both hands around his face to make him look up into her eyes and she couldn’t help but smile and wrap herself around him, hugging him close, his nose buried between her soft warm breasts. He didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh god, thank you honey…that was…oh god Danny, that was so intense…that was…I have no words for what you just did to me!!”

Dan looked at her and smiled his sexy smile “Anytime Shelly! You have the sweetest pussy, I’ve ever tasted. I just LOVE sucking you! Oh god Shelly, believe me…ANYTIME!!” He kissed her lips, and shared her juices with her, letting her taste her own sweet salty cum in his mouth.

“Hmmm, baby…I’d say it’s your turn again, by the looks of you…!” Shelly smiled impishly and pointed at his dick, proudly saluting her. Dan smiled too.

“Baby, it’s all yours to enjoy and do with as you please” he grinned.

Shelly bent over and sucked his rigid manhood between her lips, slowly and deliberately, with lots of saliva dribbling down, before she pulled back to undo the leather laces of her halter. Dan’s eyes were glued to the widening gap between the laces. When she opened it up completely, he gaped at her full round breasts swaying at their new found freedom. Shelly got down from the bed and asked him to sit on the edge for her. Bending over his thighs, she folded her breasts around his glowing cock, slowly rubbing them up and down over his wet slippery shaft and sucking his glossy head every time it popped up from in between them.

Leaning back on his elbows, Dan admired the amazing view, enjoying the warm incomparable feeling, almost too soft to be true. Shelly’s smooth firm twin globes surrounded his glowing dick, her small hands pressing them together, squeezing them around his shaft, her slick tongue licking his head, so soft and slippery. She kneaded and folded her breasts in such a way, that her nipples were almost touching each other around his hard pulsating pole.

“Holy shit, Shelly…!” he moaned at the incredible sight that produced, sliding his hips back and forth, up and down, fucking her big soft moldable tits.

“Fuck, Dan, your cock looks so sexy between my breasts! Your juices feel hot and slick and so naughty coating my tits like that,” Shelly moaned between licks and sucks.

When she sensed he was getting too close to his next climax, she slowly pulled back and stood up in front of him. While Dan looked at her hungrily, she slowly slid her little corset down her shoulders to take it off completely, and then slowly rolled the soaked lacey thong down her hips. Standing before him in nothing but her sheer smooth stockings and satin garter, she smiled innocently when he quasi-pouted and asked her why she stopped just before he came.

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