A Bedtime Story: The Bath

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Dearest, here’s a wee bedtime story for those long night when you cannot sleep. The story involves people over the age of 18.


Even though it’s been years, I still picture your full, luscious lips. They were so kissable and I remember how much I loved to nibble on them. Twenty years is a long time and I was so very naïve and green back then in the ways of pleasing you. So, it’s now 2014 and we’ve both gotten older and some of us a wee bit plumper, grayer and with a few more laugh lines. But 20 years also equals years of practice and experimentation. Gone is the naïve.

I picture our next meeting. A big embrace, a bite to eat, some lemonade (since you no longer drink) and good conversation for hours. Two friends catching up after decades. As we reminisce the bright sun slowly makes way for the dusk and the rising moon. A chill enters the air and it’s time to move inside from the darkened patio. The tension of being so close for hours and not touching has worn on me. You are so close but yet seem a lifetime away. It’s as if you’re a mirage and if I reach out to touch you, you will disappear.

Hesitantly, I slowly reach out and my fingers find your stubbled cheek and you don’t evaporate before my eyes. Lightly my fingers caress your cheek and trace down to those lips I have loved so much. My thumb lightly rubs against your lower lip, I’m waiting for you to do something…to make a move, to kiss me. In the dim light, I look from your lips to your beautiful hazel eyes and find you staring at me. I can stand it no longer and wrap my arms around your neck and pull you close- since when did I become the aggressor?

Twenty years since the last kiss, two decades of remembering your amazing, full, passionate kisses and immediately the sensation comes back like it was just yesterday. bursa escort Lips part, tongues meet- slowly caressing each other and then the rhythm increases until the kiss can’t get any deeper. The feel of your tongue in my mouth makes my body tremble and I feel heat within my core. As we kiss passionately, my fingers run through those soft curls of your and you grab hard and pull on what was once my very long hair, now so very short. I can’t help myself, I must taste your neck. The salt from the heat of the day and your sweat are like heaven. My tongue slowly works its way from the base of your neck to right under your jawline. I lick and nibble all the way up. And when I get to your earlobe, I grab it lightly between my teeth and nibble and suck. You let out a soft groan. I tongue your earlobe and work my way back down. I nibble from your jawline to your chin- a quick love bite and back to those delectable lips. I can’t get enough of your kisses. Finally, we come up for air.

As much as we both want to jump into bed immediately, I want to prolong the inevitable. I walk to the fridge and pour you a glass of cold water to cool you down while I prepare things for your proper cleaning. Just like our last time in St. Louis, I draw a hot bath and add some Rest & Relaxation bubbles to the water.

When you come in to the bathroom, I tell you to turn around. My arms go around your body so I can reach your buttons on your shirt. My hard nipples press against your back. I can hardly control myself, I shiver in anticipation and the ache is deep. I can feel my panties getting drenched at the thought of touching your bare body. Slowly, the buttons are undone and as I lower your shirt I can’t help but admire your back. Resistance is futile and I have to taste you. The kisses start at the nape of your bursa escort bayan neck, kisses alternating with long, delicious laps of my tongue. You taste salty and the scent of you just about sends me over the edge. But good things come to those who wait. While my mouth works its magic on your back, my hands can’t help but wander along the front of your body. Your nipples are taut and I yearn to suck on them and tease them but that will happen so enough.

My lips travel across shoulder to shoulder and down your spine. I can feel your heartbeat increasing. When I reach your lower back, I’m on my knees and reach around to the front of your pants and slowly start rubbing along your zipper. I can feel your cock harden even more, it’s begging to be released from its confines. I turn you around because I must see what I’m about to unleash but not before I run my mouth along the rigid lines of your jeans. My hot breath penetrates the material and you let out a long, low groan. I test your patience as my fingers trace the line my mouth just left. You squirm wanting to be free but I push your back against the wall- not yet. I’m in charge and you’ll play by my rules.

Slowly, painstakingly I undo the top button and with gentle hands I lower the zipper. My free hand follows the zipper by caressing your stiff cock on the way down. Your underwear still confines it, I can hear your moans and you reach to release your bulging mass. But I won’t let you. You do not get to use your hands. If you remain insubordinate I may have to bind your hands which will happen later anyhow. I want to see how much self-control you have.

You stand in front of me in only your black briefs. I can see the tip of your penis peeking above the waistband. It’s calling my name and I heed the calling. With both hands I escort bursa grab the waistband and yank down your briefs, the suddenness of it surprises you since everything else up to this point has been painstakingly slow. As your cock springs out, my mouth quickly envelopes it. The warmth of you inside me mouth is euphoric. After a couple flicks of my tongue and a few strokes of my mouth up and down your shaft, your moans turn to a deep, guttural growl. I can taste you as I pull away. It’s not time.

I stand up and guide you to the hot bath full of bubbles. Slowly, you sink in and are surrounded by light, fluffy bubbles. Now it’s time for you to relax. As you lay back, I take the shower puff and run it along the front of your chest clearing the bubbles. There in front of me is your bare chest and again I can’t resist, I must suck and nibble on your nipples. As I lean over you, I find myself covered in bubbles. The water makes my own shirt cling to me and you see that my own nipples are hard and demanding attention. You look at me questioningly and I shake my head. This is your time to be pleased and my time to play.

Your lips are calling again and as I lazily tease your mouth my hand reaches under the bubbles and grabs your hardened cock. You jump in surprise but quickly relax again as my fingers work their magic under the warm water. I can feel your moans escape under my mouth. And this is just the beginning. We have a lot of time to make up for.

I pull away- mouth and hand- and tell you to lean forward. The soft puff trails up and down your back with long strokes. I can feel the knots and the tension of all your hard work in your neck and shoulders. It’s time for my magic fingers to go to work on those problem areas so you will be putty in my hands later- well, more so than you already are. I knew the 12 months of massage therapy school would come in handy sometime! After five minutes of massaging the kinks out, I let water from the puff rain down your back. Bath time is over and it’s time for the real fun to begin.

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