A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

As I nervously slurped up my scotch on the rocks, Alex began to explain the presence of so many men during what was supposed to be a sexual-business transaction between only me and him.

“You see, Annette, we are a group of men who do not get what we need sexually elsewhere. Some of us are bachelors and don’t want to bother with dating just to get sex. Others of us are married to uncooperative, uninterested women. We found each other online mostly, with some additions via word-of-mouth. We do this from time to time – we find a nice young girl like you, who is in some kind of money trouble, and we share her in exchange for a nice dividend. It’s a win-win situation. You can trust us – I can’t promise you that we care a lick about your pleasure, but you will come away from this unharmed – if, like I said, you are a good sport. Of course, I apologize for not telling you before – I couldn’t tell you about this yesterday – you were already so nervous, there was no way you’d agree to something like this.”

I looked down at my empty glass. The scotch was working its magic, and I no longer felt so unhinged and apprehensive. Still, I wasn’t so calmed down that I felt turned on at all. But nonetheless, my drink was gone and it was time to get the show on the road.

I looked around me. The men who weren’t naked to begin with were removing their clothes. A gentle-looking man with a baby face and a little potbelly came over to me and took my hands. “Ok, sweetheart, stand up now,” he said softly. I stood up and he began to undress me. Everyone in the room watched intently. I didn’t quite know where to look while I was being stripped in front of all these men, so I took note of my surroundings. I noticed there was a clear plastic sheet spread over one of the beds, and a mirror on the closet door that was directly opposite the bed. There was even a mirror on the ceiling, how strange for a nice hotel, I thought.

Alex had seen my confusion and explained, “This is my hotel room. Nobody stays here but me. In fact, I only use this room for these kinds of escapades. I had that mirror put in for fun. You’ll see.” And he winked at me.

Finally I was completely nude and I heard a murmur of approval go through the room. The sudden exposure to the cool air in the room made my nipples harden, and in spite of my slight shyness, I was proud of how perky and perfect my boobs looked.

The baby-faced man ordered me karataş escort to lay back on the bed. I obeyed. He began to bind my wrists together over my head, and attached that cord to the headboard of the bed. Two muscular men, one handsome and one not, kneeled beside me and pulled my legs up roughly. They each held my legs back with one arm, my knees crooked around their elbows, and with their free hands they resumed stroking their cocks, right over me. My legs were spread back so far that my cunt was almost tilted upward, at an angle. I looked into the mirror on the ceiling. I must admit I thought I looked pretty sexy like that, all restrained and vulnerable, with two beefcakes stroking themselves beside me.

Alex walked by the foot of the bed and stared at my spread cunt with scholarly interest. He nodded his approval at me. I felt proud – I had received compliments from all my lovers on my cunt. It was all pale pink and sweet-looking, and my vagina was tiny and tight, hardly the size of a dime when unstretched. Every guy I had ever been with swore I was a virgin.

I didn’t have to wait long for my violation to begin. The handsome black man who had grabbed me when I entered the room came forward. I stared at his dick in disbelief. There was no way he would fit! My hand probably couldn’t even wrap completely around it, and it was longer than I thought humanly possible. It looked nearly twice as big as the biggest cock I had ever had. I think I muttered, “oh SHIT” under my breath. He leaned down on top of me and his face was close to mine. He was breathing heavy and trembling, wanting to wrap that massive, magestic thing of his in my soft pink cunt so bad. He pressed his cockhead to me, but he couldn’t even get it inside. I was once again nervous, and not turned on and wet at all.

“Damn!” He yelled. “This bitch isn’t wet at all! I can’t even get inside!” The baby-faced man stepped forward and the black man got off of me. “So, she needs lubing, eh? Well… let me take care of it!” The baby-faced man kneeled over my cunt for some time, pumping his short, fat cock in his hand furiously for a few minutes. Suddenly he leaned forward and put just the tip of his penis in my pussy, and spewed. His spunk ran all inside me, coating the inside of my cunt well. Because of the angle of my hips, it didn’t trickle out of me immediately.

Now, I said before that I had been on the Pill since I was 17. But during that time I had always used condoms too, as extra protection. The sensation of cum inside of me was totally new, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that I loved it. It was so sexy, all that warm, gooey jizz bubbling down inside of me, and if I wasn’t turned on before, I sure as hell was then.

The baby-faced man noted my reaction, my half-closed eyes and my mouth in a silent O shape, and gave me a smarmy grin. He climbed off the bed for the black man took his position again. For the instant that nothing obstructed my view to the mirror across from the bed, I raised my head up and glanced. There was a thick stream of creamy white cum starting to ooze out of my cunt hole. The black man climbed on top of me again. He wasted no time and slammed into my cum-drenched, well-lubed pussy.

I think my body might have gone into shock, maybe I blacked out for a minute, the initial pain was so astounding. It was such an invasive feeling, my poor little twat trying desperately to accomodate so much meat. I shifted my hips again and again but it was no use. My vaginal walls hugged his big black cock and convulsed, trying to get used to such violation. I looked up into the mirror – what a sight, that inhumanly wide cock burying into my pussy, that cock that looked even wider than my waist. It was so huge that I swear I could feel it in my stomach, even see a slight stirring when I looked at my taut, flat belly in the mirror.

His cock was jack-hammering away, and after a minute or two I got used to the size. Because he was so big, everytime he slammed forward into me my pussy strained and stretched, and I guess this must have stimulated my clit, because before I knew it I was having a tremendous, earth shattering orgasm. The spasms of my cunt milked the black man’s cock, which I guess he must liked, because as I launched into my second orgasm I felt his load hit my cervix. He sprayed and gushed so much that his cock was forced out of my pussy a little ways to make room for all the spunk. The feeling of being filled up like that – and by a black man! – would have made me cum again, but the black man was spent, and pulled his member out of me. My pussy deflated back to its normal size.

As the black man got off of me I glanced in the mirror again. Cum was bubbling out of my pussy, more than I could have contained, and trickled past my asshole and onto the plastic sheet, in a puddle around my ass. I grinned at my disgraced reflection, satisfied.

“I think she likes you!” A hunky blonde guy said to the black man, and they high-fived each other as they passed, the blonde man coming to take the black man’s place. I didn’t get a chance to take a good look at the blonde man’s package, but from the feel of it as he dove into me, he was impressively built and had a slight bend in his cock, which hit my G-spot perfectly. I gyrated with him as much as my restricted position would allow me, squealing and cumming with almost each thrust. The black man decided he wasn’t done with me, and as the blonde man had his way with my pussy, the black man climbed on top of my face.

His cock was limp now but still bigger than any other man’s there. He lowered it into my waiting mouth, muttering “Clean me up now, bitch”. I sucked my pussy juice and what little bit of his cum didn’t land inside me off his cock until it grew hard. He was nearly halfway down my throat when he suddenly pulled almost all the way out, and came into my open mouth. It was amazing how much there was left in him, and it oozed down my tongue. I was about to swallow when he suddenly said, “Wait! Don’t swallow, let’s see it.”

I got it, these men liked to see their cum in or on a girl. It was no use if it disappeared down my throat. They wanted cum bubbling out of my every orifice, so they would have it. A handful of men leaned in around my face and watched, expectantly. I pushed the cum out of my mouth and let it bubble around my full, pursed lips, and it ran down the sides of my face. I felt a little regret that I couldn’t swallow it, but maybe later I would secretly swallow someone else’s. Apparently I did well, the men around me grinned and pumped their cocks harder, eagerly awaiting their turn.

The blonde man, who had been busy pleasuring my cunt with his bent cock, filled me with his spunk too. I felt him jerking and twitching inside of me, and a hot fresh load coated my vaginal barrier. Eagerly I looked in the mirror after he climbed off me and saw that his cum was different from the first man’s, which was still bubbling out of me. The blonde man’s jizz was thinner and paler, the black man’s jizz was thick and heavy and creamy. A mixture of both flowed from my abused pussy. I couldn’t wait for the next man. The thought of every man in the room depositing their cum inside me drove me crazy with lust. I wanted more, and there was at least 20 something more men to go. I was a cum slut, and I was glad.

To be continued…

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