A Bad Bad Little Girl

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Double Penetration

02/01/02 V-2 This is a fictitious story who’s characters are not real. This story is purely for entertainment. Pure porn only, If you want correct English go read the classic’s. Literotica is for fun. Please vote and let me know what you think.

This story is about Carol and how she ended up living and loving her Uncle Mike.

This story is about what happens when two people who had been in love with each other, drift apart and children are involved. Sometimes it tears the heart out of the child, and they believe that they are the ones’ who are responsible for the divorce. Her father is at his wits end, and is going to court for the fifth time this year. He has no idea how to deal with Carol at all.

In his final attempt to keep her out of any incarceration, he calls his older brother Mike. He hasn’t talked to Mike in four years, since June left him for that younger man. His brother lives in New Mexico about a hundred miles from nowhere. Carol has just turned eighteen and is no longer considered a juvenile.

John tells Mike what has been going on, and how he is trying to keep Carol out of jail. Mike there is nobody else I can turn to for any help, no one will have Carol around them, it’s that bad. Mike you are my last hope…

John listen to me! If you send her out here, she will not be back until she is broken, “do you understand me.” I will not have you or anybody else interfere with how I brake her. You must make up your mind now John. You do not have to worry about her leaving here. I’ve lived here thirty years and I can’t walk out of this place. Also remember, “I told you not to marry that bitch.” We’ll discuss that at another time. So brother, give me your answer, so I can make arraignments.

“Do it Mike, just do it,” John shoots back.

John goes into court and the Judge wants to put her away for a year, but John is able to talk the Judge into letting Carol go and live with her Uncle Mike in New Mexico.

When she comes back if she does, she must come back before Judge Murphy, so the Judge can make her own assessment of Carols progress.

Carol needless to say was not a happy camper; she could not believe her Daddy would send her of with someone she hardly knows. She thinks to herself that she beat her father down, and he is not forty yet. What would she do to a fifty year old man, and she smiles to herself. This will still be better than a cell for a year she still thinks to herself. Well get ready Uncle Mike, your ass is mine.


Mike walks up to the counter and asks about the flight coming in from Dallas. The Clerk said on time and should pull up to the gate in fifteen minutes. Mike looks like any other native; Jeans, Boots, Hat, and two day growth of beard. He stands about six foot, weighs about two fifty, and it’s all muscle. When you have a big ranch, you are going to be a solidly built man. Young Ms. Carol will soon find this out.

The plane pulls up to the gate and the passengers disembark. Carol sees a familiar face and walks up and says in her best sexy little girl voice, “Hello Uncle Mike.”

Mike looks at carol and says where are your bags. I’ll get them for you.

There the two pink ones over there Uncle Mike.

I walk over and pick up both bags and notice one thing they are very light for a woman who is suppose to be moving in. This little Bitch thinks she is going to pull something over on me already. Well do I have a surprise for her.

I take her bags to my pickup and put them in the back. The air conditioner starts to kick in as we make or way over the country roads. Carol asks how far is the ranch. I tell her about a little over a hundred miles, so she should relax it will take a couple of hours to get there.

Mike has a couple of Zuni tribe’s men who are good friends, that he has known since he moved out west. Mike is proud to call these native Americans his friends.

They gave him some herbs that he put in Carols Fruit juice to put her to sleep.

My lovely little niece you will not remember this ride nor where you are, Mike thinks to himself. That’s how I want it to be for the next three months. By then you will be begging to suck my dick just to get a little rest.

Wake up sleepy head we are home. Well my home any way, and yours for at least the next six months if you behave yourself. As she awakens I can already see the wheels turning as she already is trying to formulate a plan to either escape or take over the situation.

Oh Uncle Mike it is so beautiful out here, are there a lot of little critters running around.

Yes there are I said to her, two legged as well as four legged. I just looked at her and smiled. Carol gave me that little girl grin along with that very sexy little girl voice of hers. I could see it in her eyes that she was scheming in that lovely brain. I know she seems to forget I’m nothing like her Daddy, which she will find out bright and early tomorrow morning.

One thing you must remember Carol my nearest neighbor is a hundred miles away. I kid you not sweetheart nobody celtabet giriş lives with in a hundred miles of us, what I don’t own, the government does. So if you do decide to take a walk, it will be a very long time before we find your body if ever. The back room will be yours, I sleep in the front room. Take a shower if you want, I’ll make dinner in an hour.

Carol, I must caution you, that this time of the evening as the desert cools, rattlers and scorpions come out to hunt for pray. So if you venture out side be very careful.

I decide to make a light salad and some grilled chicken for dinner when I heard a scream. I ran out side from the kitchen, to find Carol standing frozen as a small rattler had her pissing her shorts. I couldn’t have planed it better myself. I took a stick and scared it off making it look more dangerous than it was.

Carol was so happy the snake was gone she jumped on me and kissed me, saying oh thank you Uncle Mike for saving my life. I told her Carol, you must watch what you are doing. Like I said it is a dangerous place. Now young lady go take a shower, diner will be ready in fifteen minutes. The rest of the night went easy. Tomorrow I’m sure will be a different story.

It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’ve already had my shower, I go in and wake Carol. Get up sleepy head it’s time to start the day. I’ve turned her bedroom light on, and she is telling me she doesn’t get up before ten o’clock. I say Carol, breakfast is in ten minutes and if you want to eat you’ll be there. Now get your lazy ass out off bed before I throw a bucket of cold water on you.

What Carol doesn’t know is that I already anticipated her not moving so a bucket of water is out side the bedroom door. Also what may come as a shock to her is being this is my house I walk around naked in the morning. I do not care who is around, if they don’t like it they can leave.

Carol get up!!

No! she says and pulls the covers over her dead.

Last time Carol, “get your ass up.”


The next thing you could hear was a loud scream as the cold water ran over her head and chest. Those beautiful little pink nipples were as hard as a rock, and her hair was soaked. Carol looked like a drowned rat.

She started crying and saying how could you do that to me. I told you I’m not John, “when I tell you to do something you will do it or else.” You have ten minutes to do what ever it is you are going to do, then come to breakfast.

“Uncle Mike How come you are walking around naked.”

Carol it’s my place and in the morning I like to walk around naked!

Don’t you think that it’s not right for a young girl like me to be seeing a naked man like you.

According to your father, you’ve already seem more cock than must women do in their life time.

My father doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Carol comes into breakfast also naked. I’m assuming she is trying to either shock me or seduce me, one or the other. I tell her; nice tits and nipples and I love shaved pussy.

Carol smiles and says thank you Uncle Mike, in that sexy little girl sing song voice of hers.

She is checking out my dick to see if it was hard or getting hard. I think I disappointed her. It took every once of will power I had to keep it down. I was ready to fuck the shit out of her right then and there.

After we ate I gave Carol a list of chores that I expected her to do for the day. I informed Carol that I would not be back until six this evening. I had some fence to mend about forty miles from here. She was to do those chores and cook supper for us.

I knew she wouldn’t do any of them, so I had Dan White Water get some Barbecue beef for us to survive on for the next couple of weeks. Having a Friend like Dan who is native American and a good worker, is a plus for me out here.

I return back to the ranch house that evening to find Carol laying on her pretty little ass, no chores done at all. Carol did you make dinner, no she replies.

Well I guess we go hungry tonight don’t we.

Do you mean that you are not cooking dinner Uncle Mike!

That is correct, and if you wanted to eat anything at all you should have cooked it.

Well I’m not your maid or servant, so get your ass in there and cook us dinner.

I’ll say good night Carol as it gets dark early and five o’clock will be here soon enough. Tomorrow I will only wake you once, so when I tell you to get up you had best comply.

What about my dinner, who’s going to cook it.

Carol I’m going to bed, good night. She just stood there with this dumb look on her face, it was priceless. I’m sure John would have loved to seen it.

Day two

I walked in to carol’s bedroom turned on the light and told her get up. Carol rolled over and went back to sleep, wrong move. I pored the cold water on her tits and over her pussy. Carol jumped up screaming at the top of her lungs, every foul word she knew. I looked at her and said breakfast in ten minutes.

Carol came to the table celtabet yeni giriş in bra and panties saying, Uncle Mike you’re still naked.

I told you yesterday that in the morning that is my way I’ve been doing it for twenty some years and I’m not changing now. After breakfast I left her a list of chores which I knew she wouldn’t do. Although she might get hungry enough to cook today.

Uncle Mike I’m not doing these chores I am not your fucking maid. So if you want them done, hire one of the local bimbo’s.

Carol, I know you have already found out that the phone will only reach out locally. The cell phone won’t work, and you can only get certain channels on the TV. You can always walk around but remember what happen your first day here. I’ll see you at six.

I then left and met up with Dan and told him of her morning adventure. Dan says it won’t take six weeks maybe just two. Both of us just laughed and keep mending the fence. I kept thinking how I would love to eat that lovely young pussy.

Again I walk in the ranch house and Carol is sitting on that pretty little ass of hers with nothing done. I just shake my head and ask if dinner is ready, of course I know the answer already.

No! Carol replies.

Well since there is no dinner, I guess I’ll go to bed.

Carol goes I can’t believe you don’t eat anything.

I reply that I eat cactus while out on the range, it keeps me from getting hungry.

Uncle Mike you are crazy, how do you survive on just that.

That is why I’m so mean. just ask your father. Off to bed I go with one hell of a hard on.

The next two days seem to go a little better . At least She is Up when I come into the room in the morning and has one hell on an appetite in the morning. I’m surprised she hasn’t at least tried to cook herself her own meal.

Well come Friday I figured if she didn’t cook for us I would. I’m getting tired of the barbecued beef. I came in expecting to find her laying on the sofa but she wasn’t. I called to her and got no response. I started looking around the house and didn’t find her anywhere. I’m thinking to myself she wouldn’t be that stupid would she.

Now I go to her room and find that several shirts, a hat, plus sweat pants are missing from her clothes.

I call Dan White Water and tell him that Carol has taken off on foot and only taken two bottles of water with her. It has been a very hot day over a hundred degrees. She’ll never make it out there. Maybe she thinks I was kidding when I said no neighbors for a hundred miles. Dan we have to find her.

Dan finds her tracks and says she is going in the driest direction. We head out with my pickup, taking our time to make sure we have her tracks in sight. They seam to be getting closer together, Dan says she is getting tired and we will loose her tracks in the dark. We decide to sleep in the pick up truck until first light when we can resume the trek. Dan says it shouldn’t be long now she will be happy to see you.

We see a figure laying on the ground and not moving. It’s Carol, I see the Blonde hair and that blue halter top she likes to tease me with. Damn I hope she is alive, I know John would never forgive me if his Baby girl was killed out here with me. I see her move and a sigh of relief comes over me.

I pick her up and hold her in my arms as she says, Uncle Mike I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I should have listen to you and I all most died didn’t I. Yes Carol, you could have very easily. My friend Dan is a very good tracker, it was he who help me find you. Now let’s go home and get you cleaned up.

As I held Carol in my arms I told Dan I owe him big time. Is there anything I can get for you Dan.

He says yes, and you know what I like.

Will a gallon be enough, uncut. I said to Dan with a smile on my face.

Mike I could always count on you for the good stuff.

You know Mrs. Miller will be expecting you to come over and pick it up yourself.

Yeah after I’ve had some of her shine, I’ll be ready for her. Both of us break out in laughter.

We both got into the truck, Dan said he’d drive while I held Carol. She sat on my lap and my dick became hard instantly. I know she felt it, because Carol was wiggling her ass over it, and hugging and kissing my neck. Damn I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

Dan headed off in his van and I took Carol inside so she could take a shower or bath while I made us something to eat. I still had to restrain myself, but little did I know it would not be much longer before all hell would break loose. I looked at her burnt skin and knew I had to put a lot of aloe on it to ease the pain, she soon will be feeling.

Week two

It started that Monday, it wasn’t Uncle Mike, just Mike. Carol took the list and did everything on it. Dinner was cooked every night, and was delicious I might ad.

Carol had changed and it wasn’t me, it was herself that did it. I think she has realized just how precious life really is. She may now know just what her father celtabet güvenilirmi has been going through to protect her. She may just now realize that the only thing that her mother ever did that was good, was push Carol out of her snatch.

Carol is five feet of beautiful voluptuous young woman. Blonde hair, light blue eyes, maybe one hundred and twenty pounds. God she puts these movie stars to shame. Plus she has perfect C cup breast. There is not one hair on that pretty pussy of hers that I could ever see.

This week has gone very fast, it’s Saturday morning and I’m taking my shower before breakfast when the shower door opens and Carol steps in with me. I look at that naked body and my cock is now hard as a rock.

Good morning Mike, and friend. She says I hope you don’t mind some company. Carol has this little grin on her face.

Then she grabs my cock and starts stroking it, I’ve been so frustrated I’m ready to explode. She drops to her knees and starts to suck my cock, in the most glories way. I can’t believe she is taking the whole thing. This is a lot of cock to take, all eight inches and as fat as the come.

I started to cum, Carol grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me to her. Her finger nails cut into the flesh of my ass as she squeezed them. I couldn’t believe she was taking almost all my cock and sucking out all my load. I’ve never had a woman pull my cock into her throat so her face would go into the pubic hairs, this girl is unbelievable. Then I feel her back off a little but she still kept me in her mouth. Then she sucked out the rest of my cum and swallowed it.

I lifted Carol up and said to her that nobody ever gave me such satisfaction. I looked into her pretty blue eyes and then kissed her as deeply as I’ve ever kissed any woman. Carol kissed me back with just as much passion and desire.

Mike, I want you to love me and make me a woman. “I’ve never made love to a real man.”

How did you get in so much trouble.

By giving blow jobs so I didn’t have to fuck them.

But everybody thinks you were fucking them. Does John know about this.

No, he wouldn’t believe me anyway. I think I really fuck things up with Dad.

Well you let me talk to John, and I’ll see if you can’t get out of his dog house OK Baby.

We kissed a little longer then Carol asked what we were going to do. I said we will have breakfast then go back to bed and I will make a woman of you. Do you have any other requests young lady.

Yes, the next time I suck your dick you are not going to cum like this first time are you. I almost drowned there was so much cum.

I’m sorry, it has been about two years since I’ve had such a hot woman of any kind, that I nearly came when you grabbed me. Lets get on my bed I want to eat that beautiful pussy of yours.

Carol and I just crawled on top of the bed, as I ran my hand all over those great tits of hers feeling those nipples as they looked like erasers standing on the end of a pencil. I started running my tongue over her breasts then her nipples, I kept working back and forth from one to the other. Then I sucked one of those erasers into my mouth as I ran my left hand down over her mound then into her pussy lips. There were soft moans coming from Carols lips as she kept saying my name over and over. As I pushed inside her pussy lips I feel how wet she is and I’m amazed that the bed isn’t soaked already. I’ve never seen any woman this wet before.

Oh Mike Fuck Me, Oh Mike Fuck Me Now. Carol is moaning.

I push my finger into her Cunt hole and I’m shocked, there is a hymen. I slide down between her thighs and start to place kisses on her snatch as I also give her pussy lips licks with my tongue. I flick her clit with fast little strokes then I suck on it as I now drive my middle finger deep into her pussy hole breaking the hymen. Carol is moaning, Oh Mike it stings, as I continue to push my finger into her with a steady rhythm. I tell Carol the pain will not last long and I start to run my tongue into her opening, as she is feeling the pain subside. My tongue goes in a good four inches, she is now fucking it. My cock is to big, I don’t want to tear her young ass up just to break her cherry. I feel her orgasm. She hasn’t had the big one yet, so I think it’s time.

She leans over and kisses me and says Mike I love you. Are you going to keep me here with you. Daddy can come and live with us also. I tell her we will talk later.

I then lean down and start running my tongue over her inner and outer lips, as I push one finger into her wet pussy hole then I push number two, and start feeling for that G-spot as I now rub her spot as I’m sucking on her clit.

I can see her grabbing the sheets and arch her back as she stats moaning, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,Yesssssssssssssss. Carol screams as my ministrations to her clit and G-spot have her going over the edge, on her first real orgasm.

I hear her say Oh Mike, No More, No More, Please No More.

Carol honey I say to her, pull your knees up onto your chest will you Baby. As she does I crawl between her legs then place my cock at her pussy hole and rub some of her juice on the head to lubricate it before driving it home. Then I pushed it into her and she was tight, I could feel those young muscles grip my cock as I pushed into her.

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