50th Birthday Present Ch. 01

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It is my 50th birthday and you invited me out to dinner to celebrate. We have been friends with benefits for many years and I know that you will make my night special.

I arrive to pick you up for dinner and I see you waiting for me. As I watch you get into my car I notice the high slit on your skirt, lots of sexy leg showing. I’m already horny for my present this evening; now I’m starting to get turned on. You greet me with a kiss, open-mouthed with lots of warm, soft tongue and move your right hand onto my thigh as you do this.

It’s a ten minute drive to the restaurant but I don’t know if I can wait. You’re wearing a patterned cream-coloured blouse that’s a little snug, accentuating your huge, beautiful tits which are thrusting out and meeting my eyes. As you move back to sit in your seat you lift your hips up and your skirt slides up a bit. We are making small talk and I’m trying to concentrate on the road but you keep my attention on your hand which is snaking its way up your legs. At a stop light I watch as you reveal to me your lack of panties. I watch as you move your index finger around your pussy lips and then inside, drawing a gasp from you. I am growing with each bit of stimulation and the bulge from my pants is obvious. You continue to put another finger in you and release them, offering me a taste. isveçbahis The light has turned green and I must drive on but it’s necessary to pull over.

I find a secluded area and drive into a copse of trees, effectively hiding the car. I lift the wheel back and move to watch you while touching my fully erect but still clothed cock. I ask you to continue, knowing how much I love to watch, and you oblige, the car is full of your moans and the wet, slurping sounds of your soaking pussy. I cup your breasts in one hand, unzipping with the other my pants. I’m wearing silk boxers and you know how big I look in those and your reaction to my huge, hard dick is making me leak precum. You take your wet fingers and slide them over my cock, kissing me hard. I want, I need your mouth so I guide your head to me. This is not a time to tease me and you know it, so when I look down I see my dick disappear into your warm, wet mouth. I could shoot right now but it feels so fucking good that I want it to last.

I stroke your hair as you suck me, the best blow job I’ve ever had and I want to cum inside your hot mouth. I pull your shoulders up to my face and kiss you hard, my hands on your tits and hip. My look tells you what I want to happen for this first part of my present, you want it too and as you kiss me you start to jerk isveçbahis giriş me hard. You spit on my dick and stroke my entire full length and I lean back to absolutely love the sensations. I tell you I’m going to cum and you move your head down on me just as I explode. Your mouth, your hands and your body make me shoot out a huge load into you and I feel your lips pressing onto my shaft, which is making me cum even more. As I’m finishing you take your head off me but keeping your lips close you stroke me long, hard and slow, getting the last drops of my cum into your mouth. You then move to my face and kiss me, sharing the delicious cum from your tongue to mine.

That wasn’t even planned, I tell you, but that was amazing. You start to move over to your seat when the thought hits me. This isn’t just about me. I tell you this and feel kind of bad that maybe I got more out of this than you did.

You smile at me and say really, you think I didn’t get anything out of this? Your hand guides mine onto your thighs, dripping wet from our playing. I move my hand up to your pussy and am startled, but shouldn’t be by now, on just how fucking wet you get from sucking my cock. You tell me don’t worry about you. You always have a turn when you suck my hard dick.

I tell you, okay but it would be a shame to isveçbahis yeni giriş not do this while I’m here. You feel my hand move up to your pussy and I part your legs. You’re looking down as my fingers move around your lips and onto your clit, just brushing by it to make you jump. I know this is doing it to for you as I watch your face and I offer you a sweet taste of your pussy juices, bringing one finger to your mouth and another to mine. I go back to your pussy, lifting you off the seat and now entering you with two fingers. Around and around they move inside you as I reach over to kiss you.

I thrust them and alternate the gentle circular motion, keeping you unsure of what I’ll do next. I want you to cum and I know you’re close because I feel you tightening around my fingers. I leave them inside you while my thumb finds your clit. I feel you squirm and your breathing gets faster as you almost swallow my tongue. You are rocking your pelvis as you cum, screaming out my name over and over. You are pushing my fingers in you and I keep the pressure on your clit because I want you soaked. I grab your hair with my right hand and pull your face to me as I keep finger-fucking your sweet pussy and hard clit. You’re cumming and cumming and we’re kissing harder and harder, sweat and pussy juice covering us. You can’t take anymore and I remove my fingers, pausing to let you watch me lick them off in front of you. I lean over, get between your legs and taste your cum. I’ll want more of this later, I’m sure.

I wonder what the rest of my present will be?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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