3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 13

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All Characters 18+

I always have hated packing for a trip, and packing for the trip down to my Great Aunt Ruby’s house in Lexington, South Carolina was no exception. I packed all the essentials, my black suit, a couple of dressier outfits, and a good amount of summer attire. South Carolina gets hotter than a steam room in Hell in July, and I fully expected the temperature to be over 100 degrees every day that we would be down there. Other than the obvious bummer of going down there for a funeral, there was another significant downside to this trip: my mother simply refuses to fly. If the choice were between getting on a plane or being torn apart by a rabid pack of wild dogs; my mom would be crow bait.

We would make the thirteen-hour drive over the course of two days. I argued that we could do it all in one marathon session, especially since there were four available drivers; but my dad wouldn’t hear of it. He hates being cooped up in the car for long periods of time. He was in a motorcycle accident in his twenties, and his back can’t take sitting in one position for long periods of time. He even has this special chair in his office that he paid $1500 for that helps with the problem. Katie tried to sweet talk dad into letting her and I make the trip down alone, but that idea was vetoed too. So I helped load up the huge Cadillac Escalade, and we left our suburban Detroit home, and headed south.

I couldn’t help thinking of the last trip that our family made together. My parents, Katie, our cousin Julia, and I drove the four hours to our vacation house in Northern Michigan. That trip changed my life. What would this trip hold in store for me? For us?

Katie was talking animatedly to my mom about her recent acceptance letter from Northwestern University. I had applied too, but I hadn’t heard back from them yet. Julia had received her letter from them three days ago, and Katie had got her letter just one day later. I thought that this boded ill for my hopes of acceptance. The girls said to wait a bit longer, because all acceptance letters weren’t mailed together. This seemed plausible, but I had my doubts. The girls had almost perfect grade point averages. Mine was good, but not great. I had also not participated in as many extracurricular activities as they had. All three of us had already been accepted to the University of Michigan months ago, but with our recent changes in our relationship statuses, being farther away from home would be better. The chance that anyone who knew us from school seeing us at Northwestern was slim to none. I can guarantee that at least a dozen of our classmates was headed to U of M, and that would make it damn near impossible to pull off our ruse of being “married” without rumors of us being related getting around. In Chicago, we could have an apartment off campus, along with Julia. This could be a cozy love nest for the three of us. I sighed loudly.

“Don’t worry, Jack. Your letter will come soon. Mr. Colburn wrote all three of us glowing recommendations, and he is an N.U. alumnus, and is very active in their alumni association. He told me that he wrote two last year, and both of the students were accepted.” She reached over, and gave my hand a squeeze.

“I guess I will know soon, one way or the other.” I said distractedly, wondering who the two students from last year were, and if they would remember us as siblings. Maybe we should have applied to the University of Alaska. I bet we wouldn’t know anyone there. My sister smoothly changed the subject, and soon my mom was droning on about the landscaping that she was designing for this wealthy couple that lived in Bloomfield Hills. The conversation eventually died, and my dad switched the satellite radio onto N.P.R.

“Jack, do you mind if I lean on you while I nap?” Katie asked. She had a mischievous glint in her eye. The sun set her red hair aflame, and contrasted spectacularly with her porcelain skin. How could I refuse such a beautiful girl?

“Sure, Kay. Knock yourself out.” She smiled, and turned around to pull her throw blanket out of the cargo area. She covered up with half the blanket, and threw the other half over me. I never get cold, but I wasn’t about to upset her over something so trivial. She put her head on my shoulder, wormed her right arm behind my back, and slung her left arm across my stomach, so she was hugging me. I have to admit that it felt incredible to have her that close to me. I closed my eyes, and leaned against her.

“Norm, look back there. Aren’t they adorable? They look like little angels.” I opened my eyes a tiny bit, and I saw my dad look into the rear-view mirror at us.

“Yeah, they’re cute, all right. I think this is the first full minute of peace that we’ve had in almost nineteen years.” My mom laughed raucously at my dad’s joke, and then the conversation died again as their attention shifted back to N.P.R.

Katie’s left arm slowly slid down my stomach, onto my thighs. Ever so slowly, I felt her hand move over my basketball betsobet yeni giriş shorts, and firmly grip my shaft with her tiny hand. She let out an almost imperceptible moan as she touched my cock. I know that nobody else in the car could have heard it. She didn’t do anything with it, she just gripped it firmly, but just her touching it through my shorts made it rock hard within five seconds.

My sister began to move her hand slowly up and down my shaft. She did it ever so slightly, and not over the entire length, just a quarter inch at a time. Up, and down, just a tiny bit, then it gradually became a bit more. It was still really slow, but it was so incredibly erotic; especially with our parents just a couple of feet away. She then began to jerk me in earnest, her hand moved slowly, but her grip was firm, and she had done it to me enough times to know what she was doing. I was getting incredibly excited by the sheer dirtiness of it, and I needed her to slow down or I would soon have a huge, unexplained mess on the front of my shorts. I reached down, and gently removed her tiny hand from my cock.

My sister temporarily forgot her falling asleep act, and gave me a dirty look. She has the most beautiful green eyes. She always highlights them with a tiny bit of makeup, not a lot, just enough to make them “pop;” her words, not mine. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t rejecting her, but that I was just getting too excited. I twined my fingers between hers, and held her hand lovingly. She let out an audible sigh, and put her head back down on my shoulder. I closed my eyes, and soon the hum of the car, and her close proximity lulled me to sleep.

My dreams were a jumble of half remembered images, and words that were whispered so softly that I couldn’t make them out. I was in the hallway by the gym, book bag slung over my right shoulder. The crowd in the hallway parted, and Katie walked up to me. My sister was radiant. It seemed like everyone else in the hallway was in black and white, and she was the only one in color. It made me think of that scene in “Shindler’s List” where the little girl wore the red coat. I laughed to myself, and brazenly enjoyed watching her walk up to me. A big gorilla of a football player bumped into me, breaking my reverie. The next thing I knew Katie was pulling me by the hand through the gym, headed toward the band rooms. Eerily, this part of the school was empty, and silent as a tomb.

“Jack, we need to talk,” she said. I heard an uncharacteristic urgency in her voice.

“Sure, Kay, we can always talk about anything. You know that I’m always here for you.” She pulled my arm, so that I spun to face her. She was crying. Tears ran unabashedly down her cheeks, and splashed the front of her brown leather coat.

“I just don’t know how to say this…” She paused, and the thunder of my heartbeat drowned out her words. I tried to read her lips, but she was talking frantically, and sobbing, and I couldn’t keep up.

Everything blurred, and shifted, and I was in my bedroom. I don’t know how I knew that it was my bedroom, because my eyes were closed. Maybe on some level I knew that I was dreaming. I felt a mouth moving up and down my cock, and a tongue making motions as it went up and down my rod. I reached out to cradle the head that was doing this great and wonderful thing to my johnson. The strange thing was that the hair wasn’t curly. It must be Julia. She is wonderful at giving blowjobs. The beautiful, willowy Julia was a goddess to behold. I smiled, and opened my eyes.

It was neither my sister, nor my Julia; it was Sandy Curry, the captain of the girls track team. Her brown eyes locked with mine, and she slid my pole out of her mouth with a noisy slurping sound.

“Hey, big guy.” Her perfect white teeth sparkled in the sunshine streaming through my windows. Her smile warmed my heart, like she had smiled that same smile at me a million times before. She looked older, maybe twenty, or twenty-one. She was pretty before, but the few extra years had refined her girl-next-door charms into breathtaking beauty. She was naked, and she slid her naked body up mine, and began kissing, and biting me on the neck. What was she doing here? I pushed her off top of me gently, but with enough emphasis to let her know that it was no accident.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Her voice was honey on my eardrums.

“What are you doing here, Sandy?” Her expression turned from puzzled to hurt. She sat up, pulled her knees to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them, defensively.

“I live here, Jack. I’ve lived here with you for almost a year. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Her hurt expression was turning to anger, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t stop my eyes from roving over her nude form. Her eyes locked on mine again, drawing my gaze back to her face. “Not this shit again.” She huffed, and stood up, pacing. “Let me guess, you are looking for your sister.” She paused, and I began to notice the room betsobet güvenilirmi behind her nude form. It wasn’t my room at all. I had never been here before in my life.

“Where is she?” I asked. My voice sounded lost and pathetic to my own ears, I can’t imagine what it sounded like to her. My heartbeat sounded like bass drums in my ears. Her pacing stopped, and she turned to me with an anguished look on her face.

“Jack,” she paused, “I’m sorry, but they’re all dead.” Dread hit me like a freight train. The pain of loss and grief crushed me under its weight. “And now…” she slid a small stainless steel revolver from the nightstand, “I’m dead too.” She put the gun under her chin, and pulled the trigger.

I awoke to the sound of my own scream, followed by the sound of Katie’s puzzled cry. The SUV swerved violently.

“What the fuck?” my dad yelled as he brought the Escalade under control. My heart hammered in my chest, and black spots swam before my eyes as I hyperventilated. I felt Katie squeeze my hand beside me, and my mom threw off her seat belt, and turned to look me in the face. It was just a dream; their deaths, the time that had passed, it was all in my head. I was next to my sister, and my family, and they were all safe. But that dream seemed so fucking real.

“Are you OK, Jackson?” I nodded to my mom, as I tried to breathe deep and slow my heart down. Katie hugged me violently. My fear shifted from my dream, to the real-life fear that they would realize that my sister’s hug meant more than it should.

“I’m fine, mom. It was just a nightmare.” I slid myself out of the death grip that Katie had me in. “I’m fine, Kay. I just need some air.” My sister looked hurt, and I couldn’t help but compare that to the look Sandy had given me in my dream. I tried to give her a reassuring look, but she wasn’t buying it.

My dad pulled off at the next rest stop. We were still on I-75 headed south. We all stopped into the bathroom, and upon a suggestion from my dad, he and I took a walk on a small trail. I knew that he needed to stretch his legs, but he must have had something on his mind to suggest that I accompany him. My dad was typically the strong silent type. He detested all this “touchy feely bullshit,” and thought that most of the world’s problems could be solved by “manning up.” My dad is a great guy, a good father, and he loves his family; but he is not progressive in any emotional way. We walked a little way before he broke the silence.

“Are you doing all right, son? You have seemed different the last couple of weeks.” If he only knew how different things were, then I began to wonder how much he actually knew. Deception and lies have a way of becoming a crazy cycle; and it always leads to paranoia. “I know that death isn’t easy to deal with son, and I know things are changing really fast for you right now. It is hard growing up.”

“Thanks, dad.” I paused as we walked. “Things are just getting complicated, and hard to deal with.” He chuckled to himself, as if I told a mildly amusing joke.

“Life is complicated, Jack. Nothing is really easy. Even when a choice seems cut and dry, there are always repercussions to everything we do. Welcome to the Big Leagues.” He laughed, and I joined in. I knew that he was talking about something totally different than what was happening to me right now, but the analogy still rang true. “Is this thing with Northwestern bothering you? I always thought that you wanted to go to Michigan. You’ve talked about it since you were five years old.”

“It’s bothering me a little,” I admitted rather sheepishly. “I guess that all the changes are a little overwhelming. I am going to be going to be moving away from home in another month, and starting a whole new phase of my life. It’s a little tough for me.” He clapped me on the shoulder.

“Jack, I raised you to be a good man, and you are smart. You will do fine wherever life takes you. Always believe in yourself. That is my best advice to you.” He beamed a huge smile to me, which I returned, even though I felt a little bit like Judas. “What do you say that we get back on the road?”

“Sure.” We walked back to the car, and got in. Katie gave me a nervous glare, but said nothing. I pulled my headphones out of my pocket, and got some music going on my phone. Katie got her blanket back out, and resumed cuddling with me. Her hand slid into mine, and she gave me a reassuring squeeze. I listened to song after song, and never once thought about taking another nap.


We stopped for the night at the Holiday Inn Express in Charleston, West Virginia. After stopping for lunch, and frequent breaks, this entire leg of the trip had taken just about eight hours. We checked into the hotel. My mom and dad had their own room, and Katie and I had a room to ourselves. It turned out that our rooms weren’t even in the same wing of the building. We went to our room to drop off our bags, almost exploding with excitement at the possibilities betsobet giriş of being able to spend an entire night alone. I opened our door, and we put our suitcases down. Katie closed the door, with a giggle, and held up the Do Not Disturb sign.

“Do you think we will need this tonight?” My sister seemed totally free from stress this evening. Her demeanor earlier today seemed to shift between being stressed out, and being concerned for me. I felt her gaze on me randomly all day long. When I would meet her eyes, she would seem to wordlessly ask me if I was really OK; or her eyes would dart away, like she had things on her own mind. It was nice to see her looking, and sounding carefree again.

Our room had two full-sized beds. It was spacious enough, but utilitarian. I sat down on one of the beds. It was very firm, but was serviceable enough for us to actually get some sleep on. I was thinking of this, when I was blindsided by my sister diving at me. I saw a blur of red curls, and then I was pinned to the bed by her tiny flying body. Katie turned and her mouth found my mouth before I could even utter a word of protest. Our lips slid across each other’s, and my hand seemed to find its own way to my favorite part of her body; her magnificent bubble butt. I rubbed my hand over her ass, and she moaned into the kiss, and slid her tongue into my mouth. I was hard instantly, as she ground her leg against my steel hard shaft.

“Oh god, Jack, I want you so bad right now.” I brought my hand up, and brushed my thumb across her nipple. It was harder than Chinese calculus. My cell phone started chiming in my pocket. I had a call coming in. I slid my hand in between us, and retrieved my phone. I looked at the caller I.D. Shit…

“It’s mom,” I said, to calm the sexual tension down between us. I pressed answer on my touchscreen. “Hi, mom. What’s up?” My tempestuous sister refused to play nice. She slid down in the floor between my legs, and started untying the drawstring holding up my basketball shorts.

“Hey, Jack. Your dad wants to walk over to the Shoney’s that we saw down the street.” Katie had slid my cock free, and had taken about six inches of it into her mouth. She was busily trying to push the rest of it into her throat. She was making a good effort, but I was just trying to keep it together while on the phone.

“That sounds great, mom.” My sister had given up trying to deep throat me, and just settled for frantic fellatio instead. She was bobbing up and down furiously, and her mouth was making smacking, and slurping sounds. I cupped my hand over the receiver, so that my sister’s cock sucking noises wouldn’t be overheard.

“How long do you think it will be before you two are ready?” My ability to maintain focus was wavering. The situation had escalated past the point of no return; and this thing was happening, one way, or the other.

“Maybe fifteen minutes, mom. Katie is in the bathroom. I think that big lunch that she ate didn’t agree with her. I’ll need to pee when she gets out, too.” My sister began rubbing my ball sack, and running her fingernails roughly across it’s wrinkled surface. I wanted to moan, but couldn’t.

“Try to hurry her up, Jack. Your father is hungry, and he gets grouchy when he’s hungry.” I pulled the phone away from my ear.

“Hurry up in there, Kay.” I looked dead into her emerald green eyes. “Mom and dad want to go eat.” Katie said something indistinct from around my penis. I guess it sounded enough like a through-the-door answer to my mom.

“We’ll meet you in the lobby as soon as we can, mom.” I pushed the end call icon on my screen. “C’mon, Kay. I need to cum too bad now to stop.” She looked up as a sign of agreement, and began to use her hand to stroke me, along with sucking me. She jerked the bottom part, and sucked the top. Her rhythm got faster, and faster, until she was bumping her lips with her knuckles on the down stroke. I wanted to tell my beautiful sibling to be careful, but I just couldn’t bring myself to say it. It just felt too damn good.

“Faster, Kay,” I urged instead. Slippery saliva coated the entire length of my shaft, and she went about pleasing me like a woman possessed. I could take no more. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned, but she knew what she was about, and kept going. The first spurt filled her mouth with my seed, and she almost gagged; but held back, only spilling a few drops that dribbled down her chin. The remaining spurts of my jizz were comfortably within her skill limits, and she kept it up until I tapped her and let her know that I was finished with my orgasm. She raised her head with a triumphant look in her eyes. She wiped her chin with a finger, and sucked the finger into her mouth greedily. She stood up, like a woman possessed, grabbed her makeup and toiletry bag, and headed to the bathroom.

I laid there for a minute to catch my breath, and then got up to pee. I always seem to have to pee after I cum. Usually, I am inclined to snuggle with my partner before urination, but this wouldn’t be one of those times. When I entered the bathroom, Katie was brushing her teeth. She flushed a shade of pink, and looked embarrassed. I went to the toilet, and began doing my business. Katie finished brushing, and rinsed her mouth with water from a paper cup.

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