20 Years Later Ch. 02

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At a mountain house I rented. We drove separately.

“Fuck off. You’re a prick and I’m leaving.” And you storm out of the door towards your car.

I pride myself on being pretty in tune with those around me, but like lots of men I had somehow just crossed a line I never saw.

Following as quickly as possible without getting my hand slammed in the door, I chase you down the path and grab your upper arm in the driveway as you’re heading to your car. You drove a couple hours to meet me here, and I’m not letting you storm off. It’s warm for this altitude, and at 9pm the blue sky is quickly fading to black, revealing stars you only see in the mountains. There are no other houses for miles.

I spin you around to face me. I can see you’re pissed, but now I’m pissed too. I rented a house, went shopping, made you dinner that’s now cold. You’re making past problems – between us, with others – an issue now, and I’m not having it.

As you start to speak, I push you backwards a couple of feet. You’re disconcerted by going downhill slightly and are quiet. Then your back hits the side of my truck. You gasp, and I kiss you deeply, pinning you against the truck. I stop kissing you for a moment and you start up again, angry. Trying to push me away. I kiss you again. My hands roaming. Your legs, your ass. My right-hand drifts up to your left breast, caressing, trying not to rush to your nipple. You’re still fighting me. But I won’t give in.

I know that if you ever really wanted me to stop you would use our safe word.

I pull you around the corner of the truck, opening the tailgate and push isvecbahis you onto your back in the bed of my truck. Climbing on top of you, you shout, “what the fuck?” But the angry fire in your eyes has turned to mischievousness. I caught a quick smile you tried to hide by turning your head as I climb on top of you and continue to kiss you. You refuse to spread your legs, so I push them apart as I lie on top of you. We’re both breathing heavy as we dry hump in the back of my pick up – your legs now wrapped around my back. I’m aching in my jeans, dying to rip your leggings and take you there in the back of the truck. But it’s uncomfortable and I back off. You roll on top and look down at me. Both of us breathing heavy.

“Still leaving?”


“Still pissed?”

“Fuck you…” and you quickly climb off and bolt into the house.

I chase after you, having one advantage. You’ve only seen the living room and kitchen.

I catch a glimpse of you as you find and climb the stairs to the master suite. Racing after you, I catch you by an ankle on the top step and send you tumbling onto the rug, pick you up, carry you over to the large bed and drop you on top of the covers.

You’re smiling now and stating at me with those piercing brown eyes. Despite you being on your back, and me standing over you, you obviously have me exactly where you want me.

Throwing one leg over you, I straddle your hips and sink down for a long passionate kiss. After several minutes, I turn your head to the side and kiss your ear. Slide down your neck slowly, kissing your collar bone. You push my head away, pull isveçbahis giriş off your shirt and throw it somewhere off the bed. Returning to your collar bone, I gradually work my way down, kissing everything not covered by your revealing, sexy black lace bra – the top of your breasts, the valley between, one had massaging your flesh. Your erect nipples are visible through the lace and begging for attention. Attention they are used to – and I love giving them – but will have to wait for today. Sliding down, I kiss along the line underneath your bra and down your stomach. Laughing as you squirm from the tickle of my beard stubble on your stomach, your hands half-heartedly trying to push my head away.

I should have tied her up…

I continue kissing…along the top of your leggings as my hands cup your marvelous ass. Reluctantly, I pull one hand off your ass and slowly pull down the front of your leggings. Kissing as I go. My kisses reach the top of your hairline and I struggle to remain patient. I’m rock hard and could easily lose sight of my goal. But you’ve never let me do this, and I’m determined not to let my lust and past frustration side track me. I pull your leggings and panties further down, kissing the whole way. That amazing spot between your pubic mound and thigh. Down your thigh a bit and back up. Caressing your legs as I go. Licking the area just to the side of your sex. I can smell you and it’s wonderful.

You’re now wiggling, trying to position me where you never let me go before. I try to slow down. It’s not easy.

My hands have a mind of their own. Holding your knees, caressing isveçbahis yeni giriş the inside and outside your thighs. Cupping your ass and pulling you up to me. Running my face across your neatly trimmed pubic hair I laugh – closer to argyle – recalling a text chain. Then, ending the suspense for both of us I dip and slowly run my tongue along the length of your slit. You’re so incredibly wet, it makes me strain even more against my jeans, which I clumsily remove with one hand as I continue to explore you. Then I pause long enough shed my shirt.

No longer confined by clothing, I return to tonguing you. My hands return to your ass, pulling you into me…my tongue going as deep as possible, before sliding up as hitting your clit. Your body bucks and shudders as I graze it for the first time. Smiling and encouraged by the response and your ankles digging into my back, I circle and then flick your clit with my tongue before sealing my lips around it and sucking. Flicking, nibbling. Amazing. I’m crazy with lust, rubbing my erection back and forth on the bed as I try to tease and then send you over the edge.

Looking up, your eyes are at first closed with one of your hands pulling at one of your nipples, the other wrestling with my hair – undecided about pushing me away or pulling me in. You sense me looking at you, open your eyes and fix me with your piercing stare as you squeeze my head with your thighs – locking me in place, as your hips thrash and convulse around my head.

The first sound I hear is laughing. Then I’m laughing. You pull me up, my face wet from your orgasm, and kiss me. Your hand drifts down and stokes my aching cock.

Suddenly stopping, you slap me harder than I’ve ever been on the ass.

“Fuck you. Don’t think for a minute you’re off the hook You have 36 more hours to finish your apology.”

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