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Joachim came home tonight at around 12:45AM. A sliver of light escaped from under the door, but the entire apartment seemed dark and asleep. This was pretty surprising, considering that his wife had instituted an unsaid law stating that every unattended light must be turned off. But Joachim was tipsy enough not to care as he quietly keyed the entrance, which he embarrassingly struggled with due to the alcohol in his brain.

The sound of padded footsteps approached, and Joachim watched his eighteen-year-old stepdaughter lean against the doorway of the living-room like a disappointed wife. Her nightgown was sizes too large for her, yet Joachim could perfectly trace the outlines of her body with his bare eyes. He quickly averted his gaze and sighed.

What the fuck was his wife thinking when she brought Hanna into this family? Hanna, of all the damned children she could find. Hanna, with the bluest of eyes and nicest of smiles. Joachim could barely restrain himself from flirting with her that Christmas night after his stint as an overseas military man, looking like his personal Christmas gift with her charm and youth.

“Hi,” Hanna greeted softly, “You’re home.” She eagerly helped him out of his coat, and Joachim caught a whiff of her scent that roused something in his stomach. If he had the courage to admit to himself that he would be lusting after his stepdaughter, he would never have moved his family into this modest apartment that left no room for space instead of living in two different cities and only visiting on the weekends, something that Joachim personally did not mind after years of separation from his family.

“Want me to fix a drink for you?” Hanna asked and playfully added, “Or did you have enough already?” Joachim snorted at the jibe and shook his head. This was why he liked Hanna. She was never like his wife to begin with, and Joachim wondered if that was the reason why she adopted her, to have someone similar to him around for her children.

“Hennessy on rocks as usual?” Hanna peeked out of the kitchen door, and Joachim nodded at her. He could hear the tinkling of the bottles and glasses from the living-room couch as he settled comfortably. In a few minutes, Hanna was beside him with his drink.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” Joachim asked and sipped the cognac, relishing how it hotly coursed through his throat. Sitting down beside him, Hanna shrugged and played with one of his cigarettes, before she offered one to him. Joachim allowed her to place it between his lips and light it with a match. In return, he gave her a drink of the cognac. Her coughs were less prominent now.

“You seemed exhausted today,” Hanna commented as she crossed her legs at the knee, “rough day at work?” Joachim hummed and recounted his day. He had about five meetings today, and that, coupled with paperwork, had taken a toll on a him. A typically busy day was what he called it.

“Makes me feel sad sometimes that you need to go through that for us,” his precious stepdaughter said in dead seriousness, and Joachim frowned as he stroked her hair. He did not mean to cause her to feel guilty. It was not as if it were her fault that he was in this situation.

“No,” Joachim began, trying to find the correct betist giriş words, “I enjoy providing for you.” Hanna chortled lightly in response, and Joachim rubbed his thumb against her smooth cheek. He really wanted to have her at that point, but he inhaled hard on his cigarette instead in an attempt to burn away the emotions.

“Hey, I have something to show you,” Hanna burst with sudden excitement, and her eyes brightened, “I read it in a book I picked up in the library.” She jolted up from her seat with youthful energy and skipped around the couch. Joachim asked her where she was headed, but she did not reply.

Then, Joachim felt hands on his shoulders.

“It’s supposed to help you relax,” Hanna murmured as her fingers moved against the muscles at the back of his neck. On the contrary, Joachim stiffened. His desires, magnified by alcohol, were beginning to drive him insane. He flushed as Hanna massaged him. Some of his nerves loosened, but something else hardened noticeably.

“What book did you even read?” His voice broke, and he coughed, “I don’t think you should be reading those kinds of books.” The last line was unasked for, but Hanna, apparently, found it hilarious. She leant close to his ear and whispered: “you don’t have to hide it, I know that happens.”

Joachim bit his lip and exhaled hard through his nose, his heartbeat quick. Light kisses were on the side of his face, and he made a distressed sound at the back of his throat as he stopped the hands working on his shoulders with one of his own. He needed it to stop. He needed a fucking cold shower. He most definitely did not need his stepdaughter staring deep into his eyes.

“Was I doing something wrong?” She asked, her bottom lip trembled. This was perhaps her first time touching a man, and Hanna, as always, was keen to do her very best. Joachim paused and shook his head reluctantly. His brain was processing too much strands of thought.

“Do you feel better?” Hanna added in a concerned tone, her touches gentler. She sounded unsure and timid, yet, ironically, determined. The dilation of her pupils coupled with her heavy eyelids told Joachim that she knew what was coming or, if she did not expect anything tonight, she, at the very least, wanted him as much as he wanted her.

In a brief pause in time, Joachim kissed her, soft and fast enough that she could very well run and pretend that this never happened. When Joachim retracted, he could see the surprise painted on her face. Yet, she did not run, instead she leant into Joachim to kiss him. Her lips moulded against his with obvious inexperience. Despite this, Joachim moaned as he guided her with a hand at the back of her head.

“I want to try something else,” Hanna said breathlessly when they parted, and Joachim cocked his head. He did not want something else. He wanted to taste Hanna, to shove his tongue further into her mouth, to kiss her so hard that she would be thinking about him the entire day in school later in the morning.

“I read about this too,” Hanna admitted with a smile as she knelt in front of Joachim, “a lot of people seem to love it.” Her fingers shakily undid his belt and unhooked the button. Joachim studied her obsessively, noting betist yeni giriş how she trembled slightly when she pulled his erection out of his pants, wondering when she began having such feelings for him, thinking why he allowed her to do this, worrying if his family would walk down the staircase behind them to see this incriminating spectacle.

But his apprehension was forgotten when Hanna stared at the erection in her hands with her mouth dropped open. It was an amusing sight, truth be told, and Joachim snickered lowly, before humming encouragingly when Hanna tentatively stroked him. Soon, she gained enough confidence to wrap her hand fully around him in order to pump him more efficiently.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Joachim whispered appreciatively, “you’re doing well.” Tiny gasps peppered his words and breaths. Consumed by pleasure, Joachim relaxed and slumped down the his seat, only to perk up again when he felt something wet and warm on his erection.

“Can I use my mouth?” Hanna asked when she noticed how her stepfather was staring down her, “it was what I wanted to show you.” Her last statement was rushed as if she thought that Joachim needed to hear the reason of why she was going to use her mouth on him.

In response, Joachim nodded and shivered when she took him into her mouth. Although painfully unskilled, she tried her best to swallow him fully, causing her to gag and cough rather violently. Her cheeks flushed, but she looked up to Joachim with an apologetic and steadfast expression. Licking the crown of his cock, Hanna wrapped her lips around him again and bobbed her head, this time she made use of her hands as well.

“Fuck,” Joachim cursed, his breathing shallow. He did not know if it were the sight itself, the sensation, or her persistence that made him whimper ever so often. He squeezed his eyes shut as he took in the pleasure and unconsciously tangled his fingers into her hair. His limbs shook.

“Papa,” Hanna muttered as if she remembered something important, pre-cum dripped down her chin and her lips were red from use, “Do you want to see me naked? That’s what they do.” Joachim did not have the time to ask who the they she was pertaining to, since Hanna was already shaking off the nightgown, and, thereby, preoccupying his thoughts with her naked form.

Hell, she was slender and tight, her breast perky and her stomach flat. Joachim nearly drooled from the sight of her. She must have seen this, for she blushed and shyly took his hand to place it onto her breast. She glanced up to him for approval, before she straddled and kissed him. It was then when Joachim snapped, when he brought her down to lie on her back on the couch.

She looked too good to not make love to.

“Papa?” Hanna mewled as Joachim kissed, licked, and sucked at her neck, “Please.” Her core was sopping wet, and she still held his hand over her breast as if she were afraid that he would stop. Joachim nodded and kissed her reassuringly as he slipped himself into her tight orifice slowly.

“Papa, it hurts!” She cried out suddenly, wincing and jerking herself away from him, sweat beaded on her brow. Comfortingly, Joachim hushed her and pushed the rest of himself inside as he pressed betist güvenilirmi kisses on her neck. He felt the wrecks of her sobs and kissed her forehead to calm her down.

“You have to hold on for the first few times, okay?” He said, and she nodded. When he started moving, she clenched his shirt in her fist and bit down on her lip to prevent herself from crying as Joachim thrusted in and out of her slowly.

Frustration was beginning to build in the pits of his stomach, and, eventually, Joachim quickened his pace, causing his stepdaughter to gasp and rock herself against him. She grinned at him when their eyes met, before she kissed him on the mouth hungrily. Joachim moaned into the kiss, his hips snapping in their own accord into the heat.

“Does… does this feel good?” Hanna asked between gritted teeth, her fingers clawed down his back, “It feels so good to me.” Joachim laughed softly and nodded. Only Hanna would be asking such questions in the middle of sex. Her walls contracted around his length, and Joachim, briefly, lost his cool and grunted loudly. Below him, Hanna threw her head back in a silent scream as she peaked. Her body shook with the tremors of her orgasm, and Joachim could barely stop his own.

“I…,” Hanna began and broke off with a gasp, “you’re pulsing.” Her eyes were wide with surprise. This was perhaps unmentioned in the book she had read. Whimpering, she hooked her legs around his waist and shivered through another peak, making Joachim curse as he struggled to hold himself in before he could make the mistake of finishing inside her.

Pausing to calm Hanna down, Joachim whined deeply and disentangled from her grasp to bring himself to orgasm. His hand worked on his cock in familiar strokes, and his stomach rippled in the brink of his peak. Then, warmth enveloped him again, and Joachim moaned as he came hard into her mouth. Hanna sucked and bobbed her head until the last drop of his orgasm.

“Are you feeling better?” Hanna asked when he collapsed on the couch in exhaustion. She waited for his answer patiently as Joachim tried to catch his breath. His body was still quivering from pleasure.

“Yes, Hanna,” he replied weakly with a smile and another kiss on her lips. He could have gone another round if he were younger, but, at his forties, he needed time to recuperate, which he hoped to do on this couch with Hanna holding him close. The exhaustion of his day at work and sex began to set in, and his eyes drooped without his meaning to.

“Papa, you can’t sleep here looking like this,” Hanna commented, “Mama will be angry with you.” Joachim would not have cared, but Hanna was already off, dashing up the staircase and down again. The next moment he opened his eyes, she stood in front of him, the nightgown haphazardly draped around her. In her hands were a towel and clothes.

“Here, Mama is asleep, so I got them out of the laundry instead,” she explained, and Joachim thanked her gingerly. His limbs were tired, and all he wanted to do was sleep; but that was something his stepdaughter did not allow him to do as she tapped him relentlessly on his shoulder to get him to wake up.

“I’ll help you get in the shower, Papa, I promise,” she said tenderly, “You don’t have to worry about falling asleep in there.” Joachim snorted, but he followed, nevertheless. As they went pass the bedroom door that he shared with his wife, Joachim swallowed the lump of apprehension in the base of his throat.

How the fuck would he act tomorrow?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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